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Sprite(s) Yushis1 Yushis2
Gender Female
Birthplace Heaven
Race Angel
Nationality Heaven
Class Seraphim
Faction(s) Heaven
Xenobian Rebellion
Alignment Lawful Lawful
"It’s ironic that I have to fight against other angels."
— Yushis

Yushis is the sister of Mizal and a playable character in Ogre Battle: The March of the Black Queen.


Fallen AngelEdit

Yushis was sent to earth to find her sister Mizal, a fallen angel who had broken the gods commandments by giving the Black Diamond and falling in love with a mortal man, Rashidi. Rashidi had known the angels would come for her and devised a trap to kill and capture them. Many of the angels perished while Yushis was one of the angels that was imprisoned.

A New ContractEdit

Yushis was eventually freed by the rebels and made a contract with Destin in return for a chance to get her sister back. Yushis confronted her sister and the two angels battled. However, Mizal begged to be killed and Yushis reluctantly granted her wish, giving Mizal the only way back to the gods.

Dark SageEdit

In the Temple Shalina, Yushis saw her sister avenged when the rebels destroyed Rashidi and sealed the dark god Diablo back into the underworld forever.


For devoutly obeying the will of the gods and being a paragon of virtue, Yushis was promoted to Head Angel. She continued to teach the ways of the gods from then on and eventually became one herself.

Starting StatisticsEdit

Cherubim 18 173 129 65 130 75 173 56


Yushis can be found on the Antalia stage. To recruit:

  • Liberate the hidden Roshian Temple northwest of Shad Dobul (SNES) / Shad Dob (PSX). The player must have over 2/3 of Reputation Meter full.
  • Answer "Yes" to recruit her.
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