Yumil Dulmare
Sprite(s) Yumil1a Yumil1b
Gender Male
Age 18
Birth Date 8th of Raio,
Palatinean Year 233
Race Human
Nationality Palatinus
Class Overlord
Faction(s) Central Division
Alignment Neutral
Element Earth

Yumil Dulmare, also known as Yumil the Chosen, is a non-playable character in Ogre Battle 64: Person of Lordly Caliber. As a member of the Royal Family, Yumil is the son of Procus Dulmare and brother of Amrius Dulmare. Yumil is the meek, milquetoast, and incompetent Prince of Palatinus and general of the Central Division.


Early LifeEdit

Yumil is born to King Procus and an unknown mother. Ankiseth Gallant is his personal bodyguard, and guards him during his youth, much of which was spent developing an admiring and intimate friendship with Ankiseth's son, Magnus Gallant. During his childhood, Yumil survives an assassination attempt (ordered by his own father Procus) thanks to the timely arrival of Ankiseth. Rather than being commended, Ankiseth is instead dubbed a murderer and vilified by the public. Knowing who ordered the assassination, Ankiseth does not deny the accusations so as to avoid potential dismissal as Yumil's bodyguard. This hiding of the truth also complicates Ankiseth's relationship with Magnus, leading to the latter's estrangement from the former. Eventually, Magnus leaves Yumil's court in order to "learn to stand on [his] own." This causes Yumil to feel further isolated, leading to an adolescence even more tormented than his childhood. A few years later and shortly after the beginning of the Revolution, Yumil is captured and subsequently imprisoned in Volmus Mine with Jeal Veritte and Eurynome Rhade, though he is rescued shortly after by Magnus. A brief, reminiscent homecoming ensues between the two friends, culminating with Yumil requesting that Magnus serve as his own personal knight once the Revolution is extinguished. The reunion is short-lived however, and Magnus sets out to capture the rebel Berserker responsible for imprisoning Yumil and his bodyguards. Following the capture, Rhade asks Magnus to slay the rebel, though Magnus refuses regardless of the response given by the player. As the Zenobians rush in to halt the attempted killing, Yumil verbally abhors the sinister deeds of his father's advisor. He pledges to gain strength to prove his competency as a ruler and hopes to assist Magnus in fending off Lodis.

As a GeneralEdit

Given a young maid servant named Mari Callan by Baldwin Glendale, Yumil refuses to treat her as a common prostitute, which is clearly her intended function. Instead, he develops a deep affection for her. Later, after consuming the Fruit of the Nether World, a recommendation given by Pruflas Watts, Yumil gains demonic strength. Eventually, he is slain to resurrect Danika, as his blood contains a precious quality.

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