The White Fang Troops are a knightly order featured in Tactics Ogre: The Knight of Lodis. They serve the Batraal Family, rulers of Rananculus, and during the events of the game are led by Naris Batraal.

For generations they have served as the Batraal's Family private army, possibly since the war with the Ovis Mermaids 400 years ago.

After the defeat of Shaher, Ivanna Batraal ascended as Lady of Rananculus and General of the White Fang Troops, ending their hostilities towards Lodis and its emmisaries.

Notable Members Edit

  • Naris Batraal - General of the White Fang Troops, and scion of the Batraal Family. He assassinated his brother and usurped his position as Lord of Rananculus. For years he attempted to obtain the Sacred Spear of lore, and accepted the aid of the sinister Lethe and Cirvante to do so. After many encounters, he was finally slain by Alphonse's Battalion.
  • Ivanna Batraal - Former Knight of the White Fang Troops, and scion of the Batraal Family. She defected with the help of her mentor Margret, and later joined Alphonse's Battalion. Became ruler of Ovis, under Lodis' administration, after the defeat of Shaher.
  • Margret - Commander of the White Fang Troops. Famed as the greatest Swordmaster of Ovis. Used to mentor Ivanna, and helped her escape from the Troops and her uncle's grasp, but retained her oath to serve Naris. Was slain in combat during the siege of Ostorea, but not before trusting her sword and secret technique to Ivanna.
  • Nichart Briffaut - Knight Captain of the White Fang Troops. Was slain by Alphonse during the siege of Ostorea.
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