"The Walister are a small clan comprising less than a tenth of Valeria's population."
— In-game description

The Walister (also known as Walstanian or Walsta in the SNES/PS version) is an ethnic group from the Valerian Isles. They are a marginalized group, lacking the Bakram's privileges and the Galgastan's numbers, and constantly attacked by Hierophant Balbatos's ethnically genocidal campaign.

The Walister ocuppy a small portion of territory at the south of Valeria. They are ruled by Duke Ronwey, who is also the leader of the Walister Resistance. During the Lawful storyline another faction rises, the New Walister Alliance, after the Walister people become disenchanted with the Duke and his decision to massacre Balmamusa.

After the Duke dies and Denam rises as the leader of the Resistance, he unifies most of the Walister, the Galgastani and the Bakram against Lodis and the Dark Knights Loslorien, thus ending the civil war. The land becomes truly unified after the coronation of Queen Versalia, but if she dies and Denam is coronated instead, he might either keep Valeria unified or be assassinated by a crazed terrorist, potentially re-igniting the war...

Walister Territory[edit | edit source]

As mentioned, the Walister ocuppy a small portion of territory in southern Valeria known as the Almorica region. As for specific places...

Notable Walister[edit | edit source]

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