"Fiends that have given their souls to the Dark. Though they share no common shape or appearance, all are creatures to be feared."
— LUCT Description

The Umbra, also known as Netherworlders, are creatures of evil nature sworn to cause death, chaos and discord. Some are natives of the surface world and other dwell in the Netherworld, but all share the same purpose. Most have been seeing serving directly under Ogre lords, but they seem to have more free will than most demonic servants.

While mostly hostile to other living beings, some have been known to lend themselves to human campaigns, even virtuous ones. Whenether this is the product of empathy or simply an excuse to shed blood is unknown.

Unlike Ogres and Demons, the Umbra have no common appearance. Some known Umbra are:

  • Gremlins, small mischievous flyers who enjoy playing cruel tricks on others.
  • Gorgons, snake-women with the ability to turn living flesh into stone with a stare.
  • Goblins and Orcs, brutish horned humanoids said to be descended from Ogres.
  • Saturos, clever arcanists of the Netherworld with a goat-like appearance.
  • Some Ogres and Demons can fall into this classification, despite being of a different species.

With the exception of the aforementioned Ogres and Demons, the Umbra tend to not have story relevance beyond being rank-and-file soldiers of evil forces.

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