Originally the Twelve Wise Men, the Twelve Disciples, also known as the White Sages, were seen by the gods as holy men. The twelve spread what would later be the tenets of the Roshfel religion, and rescued humanity from the armies of the underworld during the Ogre Battle.

They were wielders of powerful white magic who could transform their compassion into a lethal weapon, which they used to great effect during the Ogre Battle. After sealing the demons into the underworld, the twelve decided that they did not want to misuse their power, and sealed their potent magic within twelve Zodiac Stones. It was during that time that Duruda, the most powerful of the twelve, desired to master the black arts, but the twelve sealed his power into the thirteenth stone, the Black Diamond. After his imprisonment, the Three Knights chose a replacement for him.

The remaning descendants of the twelve are Gizolfi, Boltorano and Tarut.

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