The Triumvirate is a group of agents sent by High Priest Sardian to each nation subjugated by Lodis.  Each Triumvirate consists of a Military, Administrative, and Religious Advisor.  The voice of the Triumvirate is treated as the voice of the High Priest himself, and therefore they are his eyes and ears in subject nations.

The Military Advisor oversees military activity and armament of the subject nation.  His main duty being the suppression of unrest, he has a stronger voice than the other Advisors.  In most cases, the leader of a military order is assigned to this post, and a certain number of his men are stationed with him.

The Administrative Advisor oversees the political affairs of the subject nation.  He is a very high-ranking official in mainland Lodis, but in subordinate kingdoms he has the lower position among the three Advisors.  His role is primarily to inform the governor of the decisions made by the other Advisors, and make sure that they are carried out.

The Religious Advisor oversees the religious affairs of the subject nation.  The clergyman who is assigned to this post does not concern himself with the other Advisors' duties, but instead devotes himself to his missionary work.  He travels to churches and shrines in the kingdom, earnestly spreading the gospel of Lord Lodis.

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