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The Tigers of Burnham, also known as the Barnam Tiger in the SNES/PS version, is an guerrilla group of religious extremists featured in Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together. They originate from the Valerian Isles, support the rule of Brantyn Morne and openly antagonize Denam Morne and his faction. They accuse him of manipulating Versalia Oberyth, the rightful heir of Valeria, to rule through her, and call him the "false king" and "Butcher of Golyat".

They make very little appearances in the story. One of the endings suggests they make use of assassination and sabotage tactics as their modus operandi, with a recognizable pattern in their attacks. They have also attempted to use the power of the divine for their cause, to no success.

If Cerya and Cistina survive to the ending, but Catiua dies, their last scene shows them warning Mreuva of an attack from the Tigers that resulted in the death of a Viscount assigned as supervisor in Almorica Castle. This scene also seems to hint that the Tigers are behind the assassination of Denam in the Low Chaos Frame ending, but as the assassin was a Walister supremacist, and the Tigers were supporters of Brantyn, it may just be a red herring.

They get an slightly expanded role in the PSP version. A Fusilier named Leon will confront Denam on Qadriga Fortress during the Apocrypha sidequest. Also, during CODA Chapter 2, Denam will confront a Witch named Vepahl while exploring the Tower of Law Eternal (San Bronsa Ruins); she seeks to weaponize the miracles of Philaha for the Tigers, but gets killed by divine guardians on Floor 12.

Their status after the events of the story is unknown, but considering the death of their regent, and the failure of their operations, they're likely severely weakened and on their way to collapse.


  • The Tigers call Denam "Butcher of Golyat" even during the Neutral and Chaotic routes, where he doesn't participate in the Balmamusa massacre and thus never gains the morbid epithet.
  • Their vilification of Denam results both hypocrital and ironic considering that they accuse him of trying to rule Valeria through another, which Brantyn himself did and continues to do as regent.

Notable Members[]

  • Sir Leon - Fusilier of the Tigers. Died fighting Denam's Order on Qadriga Fortress.
  • Vepahl - Sorceress of the Tigers. A religious leader who sought to weaponize the power of Philaha on the Tower of Law Eternal, but was slain by the divine guardians there.