This is a table of all the neutral encounters in Ogre Battle: The March of the Black Queen. The stage column covers which stage the class is found on. The class covers the type of class. The level covers which level the class will be when you recruit it. And finally the terrain column covers which type of terrain the class can be found on.

Neutral Encounters
Stage Class Level Terrain
Castle of Warren Griffonicon Cockatrice 8 Mountain2 Mountains
Castle of Warren Blackdragonicon Dragon 8 Deepsea2 Deep Sea
Castle of Warren Wyrmicon Wyrm 8 Deepsea2 Deep Sea
Sharom Border Blackdragonicon Dragon 1 Mountain2 Mountain
Sharom Border Hawkmanicon Hawk Man 3 Deepsea2 Deep Sea
Sharom Border Golemicon Golem 3 Forest2 Forest
Sharom District Gianticon Giant 4 Mountain2 Mountain
Sharom District Griffonicon Griffon 4 Mountain2 Mountain
Sharom District Octopusicon Octopus 4 Deepsea2 Deep Sea
Pogrom Forest Ghosticon Ghost 9 Forest2 Forest
Pogrom Forest Impicon Imp 6 Mountain2 Mountain
Pogrom Forest Skeletonicon Skeleton 9 Forest2 Forest
Lake Jansenia Octopusicon Octopus 5 Deepsea2 Deep Sea
Lake Jansenia Hawkmanicon Raven Man 5 Deepsea2 Deep Sea
Lake Jansenia Tigermanicon Werewolf 5 Mountain2 Mountain
Slums of Zenobia Blackdragonicon Dragon 7 Forest2 Forest
Slums of Zenobia Houndicon Hellhound 9 Mountain2 Mountain
Slums of Zenobia Octopusicon Octopus 9 Deepsea2 Deep Sea
Deneb's Garden Blackdragonicon Dragon 5 Darkmountain2 Dark Mountain
Deneb's Garden Faerieicon Faerie 8 Forest2 Forest
Deneb's Garden Pumpkinicon Pumpkinhead 1 Mountain2 Mountain
Island Avalon Angelicon Angel 10 Deepsea2 Deep Sea
Island Avalon Mermaidicon Mermaid 10 Deepsea2 Deep Sea
Island Avalon Octopusicon Octopus 10 Deepsea2 Deep Sea
Kastolatian Sea Gianticon Fire Giant 10 Volcano2 Volcano
Kastolatian Sea Impicon Imp 11 Mountain2 Mountain
Kastolatian Sea Octopusicon Octopus 9 Deepsea2 Deep Sea
Diaspola Angelicon Angel 11 Deepsea2 Deep Sea
Diaspola Gianticon Ice Giant 10 Darkmountain2 Dark Mountain
Diaspola Blackdragonicon Silver Dragon 9 Darkmountain2 Dark Mountain
Valley of Kastro Blackdragonicon Black Dragon 13 Desert2 Desert
Valley of Kastro Blackdragonicon Red Dragon 12 Mountain2 Mountain
Valley of Kastro Wyrmicon Wyrm 14 Cliff2 Cliff
Balmorian Ruins Golemicon Stone Golem 10 Barrens2 Barrens
Balmorian Ruins Skeletonicon Wraith 15 Swamp2 Swamp
Kalbi Peninsula Gianticon Ice Giant 11 Snowmountain2 Snow Mountain
Kalbi Peninsula Blackdragonicon Silver Dragon 11 Snowmountain2 Snow Mountain
Kalbi Peninsula Golemicon Stone Golem 11 Forest2 Forest
Muspelm Gianticon Fire Giant 5 Mountain2 Mountain
Muspelm Hawkmanicon Raven Man 5 Mountain2 Mountain
Muspelm Blackdragonicon Red Dragon 5 Mountain2 Mountain
Organa Houndicon Cerberos 14 Mountain2 Mountain
Organa Impicon Demon 14 Mountain2 Mountain
Organa Golemicon Iron Golem 15 Sea2 Shallows
City of Malano Gianticon Fire Giant 15 Mountain2 Mountain
City of Malano Hawkmanicon Hawk Man 14 Deepsea2 Deep Sea
City of Malano Wyrmicon Wyvern 15 Deepsea2 Deep Sea
Tundra Angelicon Angel 14 Snowmountain2 Snow Mountain
Tundra Gianticon Ice Giant 15 Snowmountain2 Snow Mountain
Tundra Blackdragonicon Silver Dragon 15 Snowmountain2 Snow Mountain
Antalia Skeletonicon Wraith 21 Swamp2 Swamp
Antalia Ghosticon Phantom 21 Swamp2 Swamp
Antalia Houndicon Cerberos 16 Swamp2 Swamp
Shangrila Angelicon Cherubim 18 Sky2 Sky
Shangrila Hawkmanicon Eagle Man 18 Sky2 Sky
Shangrila Griffonicon Griffon 18 Sky2 Sky
Antanjyl Tigermanicon Tiger Man 16 Swamp2 Swamp
Antanjyl Vampireicon Vampyre 16 Forest2 Forest
Antanjyl Tigermanicon Werewolf 16 Mountain2 Mountain
Fort Allamoot Octopusicon Kraken 17 Deepsea2 Deep Sea
Fort Allamoot Blackdragonicon Red Dragon 18 Mountain2 Mountain
Fort Allamoot Tiamaticon Tiamat 17 Desert2 Desert
Dalmuhd Desert Gianticon Fire Giant 18 Desert2 Desert
Dalmuhd Desert Salamandicon Salamander 17 Desert2 Desert
Dalmuhd Desert Wyrmicon Wyrm 19 Anywhere
Ryhan Sea Octopusicon Kraken 19 Deepsea2 Deep Sea
Ryhan Sea Mermaidicon Nixie 19 Mountain2 Mountain
Ryhan Sea Faerieicon Pixie 20 Sea2 Shallows
Shiguld Golddragonicon Gold Dragon 19 Mountain2 Mountain
Shiguld Salamandicon Salamander 19 Mountain2 Mountain
Shiguld Tiamaticon Tiamat 19 Mountain2 Mountain
Fort Shulamana Salamandicon Fire Breath 23 Mountain2 Mountain
Fort Shulamana Octopusicon Kraken 23 Deepsea2 Deep Sea
Fort Shulamana Ghosticon Phantom 25 Swamp2 Swamp
Shrine of Kulyn Houndicon Cerberos 23 Mountain2 Mountain
Shrine of Kulyn Octopusicon Kraken 23 Deepsea2 Deep Sea
Shrine of Kulyn Faerieicon Pixie 23 Forest2 Forest
City of Xanadu Griffonicon Cockatris 20 Deepsea2 Deep Sea
City of Xanadu Gianticon Ice Giant 23 Snowmountain2 Snow Mountain
City of Xanadu Golddragonicon Platinum Dragon 24 Snowplains2 Snow Plains
Zeteginea Houndicon Cerberos 24 Snowmountain2 Snow Mountain
Zeteginea Hawkmanicon Raven Man 24 Deepsea2 Deep Sea
Zeteginea Tiamaticon Tiamat 24 Plains2 Plains
Temple Shalina Golddragonicon Gold Dragon 25 Snowplains2 Snow Plains
Temple Shalina Gianticon Ice Giant 25 Snowplains2 Snow Plains
Temple Shalina Angelicon Seraphim 25 Deepsea2 Deep Sea
Dragon's Heaven Salamandicon Fire Breath 18 Mountain2 Mountain
Dragon's Heaven Blackdragonicon Platinum Dragon 18 Forest2 Forest
Dragon's Heaven Tiamaticon Zombie Dragon 18 Sea2 Shallows
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