The Infernal Aura
Stage map for The Infernal Aura.
Location Dardunnelles, the Crossroads
Combatants Palatinean Revolutionary Army
Blue Knights
Kingdom of Palatinus
Southern Division
Boss Ariosh
Reward Sum Mannus
Stage Music The Sensational World

The Infernal Aura is the sixth scene of Chapter 1 in Ogre Battle 64: Person of Lordly Caliber.


At Akka Castle's throne room, General Godeslas meets a mysterious knight in black armor whom he calls Baldwin. Baldwin brings up the poor condition of the Southern Division, which makes Godeslas believe Baldwin was sent to punish him. Although Baldwin assures him he isn't here for such a thing, The Triumvirate of Lodis has taken the situation very seriously. He states that punishment will be inevitable.

Baldwin assures Godeslas that the situation wasn't entirely his fault. Since the general was kind to the black armored knight, Baldwin offers Godeslas a means of redeeming himself. He pulls out a piece of unusual fruit from his pocket. Godeslas is unsure what the object is, but Baldwin states it will grant him power. The knight of Lodis warns him that risks are involved.

In a meeting before the battle, Magnus ends up seeing Destin seated with Hugo. Magnus apologizes to the Zenobian warrior for his actions back at the Zenobian Border. Impressed with the other warrior's humbleness, Destin accepts his apology.

Destin then brings up the current topic at hand: Central Division soldiers are going to arrive at Dardunnelles to assist the Southern Division in stopping the Revolutionary Army. Magnus' soldiers are assigned the task of holding off the Central Division soldiers. At the same time, Destin and the other rebels will conduct the assault on Akka Castle.

Hugo gives a briefing over the battle strategy for Dardunnelles. Once finished, he remarks that the revolution's success or failure will depend on the outcome of the battle...


Enemy UnitsEdit

Unit 1
Back PLCDollmastericon Doll Master Lv. 8 PLCDollmastericon Doll Master Lv. 9 UnitLeader Badge
Front PLCBluedragonicon Blue Dragon Lv. 8
Charging from south of Romella
Cloth Armor
Unit 2
Back PLCWizardicon Wizard Lv. 9 UnitLeader Badge PLCGoblinicon Goblin Lv. 10
Front PLCGoblinicon Goblin Lv. 10 PLCOgreicon Ogre Lv. 10
Charging from Bungasue
Heal Leaf
Unit 3
Back PLCPlatinumdragonicon Platinum Dragon Lv. 8 PLCFaerieicon Faerie Lv. 10
Front PLCSorceressicon Sorceress Lv. 9 UnitLeader Badge
Guarding Melphy
Power Fruit
Unit 4
Back PLCBeasttamericon Beast Tamer Lv. 9 UnitLeader Badge PLCGoblinicon Goblin Lv. 10
Front PLCHellhoundicon Hellhound Lv. 8 PLCGoblinicon Goblin Lv. 10
Charging from west of Adigrat
Altar of Resurrection
Unit 5
Back PLCFightericon Fighter Lv. 7 PLCWizardicon Wizard Lv. 8
Middle PLCFightericon Fighter Lv. 7
Front PLCKnighticon Knight Lv. 8 UnitLeader Badge
Guarding Bungasue
Plate Mail
Unit 6
Back PLCBluedragonicon Blue Dragon Lv. 7
Middle PLCReddragonicon Red Dragon Lv. 7
Front PLCSorceressicon Sorceress Lv. 10 UnitLeader Badge
Charging from Dardunnelles
Heal Seed
Unit 7
Back PLCHawkmanicon Hawkman Lv. 8
Middle PLCKnighticon Knight Lv. 9 UnitLeader Badge PLCFightericon Fighter Lv. 7
Front PLCFightericon Fighter Lv. 7 PLCFightericon Fighter Lv. 7
Guarding Ramballene
Unit 8
Back PLCWitchicon Witch Lv. 9 UnitLeader Badge
Middle PLCPumpkinheadicon Pumpkinhead Lv. 8 PLCKnighticon Knight Lv. 8 PLCPumpkinheadicon Pumpkinhead Lv. 8
Front PLCKnighticon Knight Lv. 8
Guarding Dardunnelles
Power Fruit
Unit 9
Back PLCDollmastericon Doll Master Lv. 9 UnitLeader Badge
Front PLCOgreicon Ogre Lv. 11 PLCGolemicon Golem Lv. 8
Charging from Garu Kaio
Altar of Resurrection
Unit 10
Back PLCBlackdragonicon Black Dragon Lv. 8
Middle PLCDollmastericon Doll Master Lv. 10 UnitLeader Badge
Guarding Garu Kaio
Bastard Sword
Unit 11
Middle PLCBerserkericon Berserker Lv. 8 UnitLeader Badge PLCGoblinicon Goblin Lv. 10
Front PLCGoblinicon Goblin Lv. 9 PLCGoblinicon Goblin Lv. 9
Charging from Fort Akkisis


Back PLCPhalanxicon Phalanx Lv. 8 PLCKnighticon Knight Lv. 10 UnitLeader Badge
Front PLCOgreicon Ogre Lv. 20 PLCPhalanxicon Phalanx Lv. 8
Fort Akkisis
Sum Mannus


During the battle, a Revolutionary Knight is in a village square when he comes across the corpse of a Palatinean Army Fighter. He crouches over the body and notices that the soldier is from the Central Division. Even though he know about the reinforcements, he doesn't know who or what had killed him. At that moment, another soldier from the Central Division screams for help. Rushing towards the voice, he sees the Central Division soldier running from two massive Ogres. The two men have their swords ready while the Ogres roar and attack the soldiers.

At the battlefield, the leader of one of your units notices an enemy unit from the Southern Division approaching. As they prepare for battle, the leader shows shock and horror at the sight of approaching Ogres...

After Ariosh is defeated, Magnus confronts him about the Ogres and demons that had appeared in the battle. Destin calms down the blue haired knight and makes a remark about how he felt the Infernal Aura before. This would mean either the Southern Division had fallen to the way of darkness or that the monsters were actually denizens from the Netherworld.

After being questioned by Destin, Ariosh reveals that General Godeslas Brandic used fruit from the netherworld and fed it to some people. The victims' bodies burst from the inside and the Ogres appeared as though summoned by him. Magnus doesn't believe Ariosh's tale, but Destin becomes silent...

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