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Emblems are a game mechanic in Tactics Ogre: The Knight of Lodis. Emblems are awarded by doing certain actions in battle, and their function is to grant stat bonuses, stat decreases, block or unlock new classes. Emblems are not shared or traded between units, each has to gain it by their own. Humans, demi-humans, beasts and dragons can gain emblems, but only humans and dragons have emblems that specifically cater to them.

With the exception of stat-altering emblems, these do not affect Snapdragons.

For any emblem name marked with an asterisk (*), see end of table for notes.

List of Emblems[]

Image Name Description How to obtain Effect Where? Easiest way to gain
Animal Hunter Icon.png
Animal Hunter Honors one who slays at least 5 ferocious beasts. Trust from beasts will be lost. Kill 5 Beasts Reduces your chances of persuading beasts (50%) Story Mode, Quest Mode, Versus Mode Kill beasts in random encounters
Arbitration Icon.png
Arbitration Awarded for persuading enemies to have a change of heart, without resorting to fighting. Persuade 5 enemies Increases your chances of persuasion (30%) Story Mode Persuade beasts or dragons with the respective Tamer class. Persuade weak enemies of the opposite gender and/or same class
Archangel's Feather Icon.png
Archangel's Feather Presented by Archangel when dead are revived. Required to become an Angel Knight. KO an unit and use Altar of Resurrection or the Resurrection spell on them Allows the character to transmigrate into an Angel Knight Story Mode, Training Mode Cast Resurrection in Training Mode
Berserk Icon.png
Berserk Awarded in praise of ability to kill with one strike. Affects changes in luck. Kill an enemy in one hit, through damage or effects Biorhythm period is lengthened Story Mode, Quest Mode, Training Mode, Versus Mode Kill a hired Lv1 Fairy of the oppossite element
Blood Reign Icon.png
Blood Reign Awarded for killing 25 foes. It terrifies enemies within 3 panels of the owner. Kill 25 enemies Non-undead foes within 3 panels suffer -1 to their Mental Gauge Story Mode, Quest Mode, Versus Mode Kill enemies in story battles, random encounters and Quest Mode
Bogus Hero Icon.png
Bogus Hero All the training in the world won't amount to much if you choke on stage! This emblem's penalty can be negated by the emblem Miracle. Gain 20 levels in Training Mode Lose the ability to make critical hits. Can be negated by the Miracle emblem. Training Mode Lots of Training. Comp vs Comp.
Book of Initiation Icon.png
Book of Initiation Awarded for skill in dodging enemies' attacks. Required to become a Swordmaster. Block or dodge 3 attacks in a row Unlocks the Swordmaster class Story Mode, Quest Mode, Training Mode, Vs. Mode Have a lower-level unit attack the recipient from the front. Equip shields for higher block chance
Broken Heart Icon.png
Broken Heart Sympathetic (and pathetic) emblem presented to males who fail to persuade female foes. Decreases luck (even further)! Fail to persuade female enemies 10 times (male units only) Biorhythm period is decreased Story Mode Try to persuade an enemy with full HP multiple times
Bullpen Ace Icon.png
Bullpen Ace Given to those 'belly-itchers' who couldn't 'hit the broad side of a barn' in battle, despite their MVP status in training. Defeat 20 targets in Training Mode Increase damage in Training by 125% Training Mode Set up Comp. vs Comp. battles without armor (only weapons)
Centurion Icon.png
Centurion A tribute to one who defeats all enemies on the battlefield. Increases power. Have one character on your team do all the killing/persuading in a battle. Note that killing the leader is not enough, you need to kill at least 3 enemies. STR +20 Story Mode, Quest Mode, Vs. Mode Have one unit deal all the killing strikes in random encounters
Charisma Icon.png
Charisma Honors extraordinary heroes with remarkable strength, intelligence, or agility. Over 350 permanent STR, INT or AGI on an unit Allies within three panels get +1 to their Mental Gauge Story Mode, Training Mode Increase levels with a class with superior stat growths in one area, use permanent stat-up items, and get stat-increasing emblems.
Don Quixote Icon.png
Don Quixote Warning for those who rush into battle hastily, suffering a brutal counterattack. Have an unit counterattacked for over 75% of their total HP INT -10 Story Mode, Quest Mode, Training Mode, Vs. Mode Set it up in Training Mode. Have an under-equipped unit attack another unit with strong weapons from the front or sides
Dragon Scale Icon.png
Dragon's Scale Honors one who slays at least 5 dragons. Required to change into a Dragoon, but the trust of dragons will be lost. Kill 5 Dragons Reduces your chances of persuading dragons (50%). Unlocks the Dragoon class Story Mode, Quest Mode, Vs. Mode Kill dragons in random encounters
Embodiment of Desires Icon.png
Embodiment of Desires Pick up 5 War Trophies or buried treasure Buried treasure will be more valuable (not always) Pick up War Trophies during encounters
Exorcist Icon.png
Exorcist Exorcise 5 Undead Lower Mental Gauge of nearby undeads by 1 Gryllius Forest has many undead enemies
Fist Fight Icon.png
Fist Fight Get a kill without using equipment Greatly increases the power of unarmed attacks Either Training or critical hit an enemy off a cliff
Gibe of Fallen Angel Icon.png
Gibe of Fallen Angel Get 3 Kills with physical attacks as a Cleric, Priest or High Priest Lower Alignment by 1 (one-time only) Give Fist Fight or a good hammer to a Cleric.
Grozz Nuy's Emblem Experience all 8 classes with a Dragon unit Permanent Mental Gauge of 2 See section below
Heavenly Spirit Icon.png
Heavenly Spirit Heal 20 allies (only healing spells and the Sacred Ring, Knight class works as well) Unlocks the Priest class Set it up in Training
Knight's Certificate Icon.png
Knight's Certificate Be counterattacked 15 times Unlocks the Knight class Set it up in Training
Lancer Icon.png
Lancer Hit 2 enemies at once with a spear Unlocks the Valkyrie class Set it up in Training
Lucky Soldier Icon.png
Lucky Soldier Survive a VS battle Increases average Luck Play with a friend
Mark of the Elite Icon.png
Mark of the Elite Win a battle with 2 or less units remaining in your party Gain 100 EXP (one-time only) Can be gained by persuading enemies. See section below
Mark of Valor Icon.png
Mark of Valor Win a VS battle Reduce amplitude of biorhythm Play with a friend. Emblem goes to the unit who got the last hit
Miracle Icon.png
Miracle Dodge an attack with 5% or less HP left Greater chance of critical hits Set it up in Training
Philosopher's Stone Icon.png
Philosopher's Stone Kill two enemies at once with a spell Unlocks the Siren class Set it up in Training
Relix's Emblem Icon.png
Relix's Emblem Experience all 14 classes with a male unit (Alphonse gains it automatically after finishing the game) Permanent Mental Gauge of +2 See section below
Ripple's Emblem Icon.png
Ripple's Emblem Experience all 14 classes with a female unit Permanent Mental Gauge of +2 See section below
Self Preservation Icon.png
Self Preservation Kill an enemy with a counterattack Increase damage done by counterattacks Set it up in Training
Sniper Icon.png
Sniper Get 5 hits in a row with a bow or crossbow AGI +10 Set it up in training. Aim for the back
The Cycle of Life Icon.png
The Cycle of Life* "Resurrect" a Ghost or Zombie unit Increases mental Gauge by 1 or nearby Undead Set it up in training. Can get it on the way to get Grozz Nuy, Relix and Ripple's Emblems
The Pen and The Sword Icon.png
The Pen and the Sword Kill enemies with physical and magic attacks (4 times each) Unlocks the Warlock class Encounters or Quest Mode, since Training doesn't work. Skills and special moves also count
Veteran Soldier Icon.png
Veteran Soldier Defeat an opponent in a VS battle STR, INT and AGI +15 See Lucky Soldier
Vixen's Whisper Icon.png
Vixen's Whisper Persuade a male unit with a female unit Unlocks the Witch class, also needed to recruit Deneb See Arbitration
War God Icon.png
War God Deal more than 200 damage in one hit STR +30, INT -30 See Berserk

*Avoid getting this Emblem with special characters, since the process involves turning an unit into a generic Ghost, then a generic Human; even so, many special characters don't even have a spot on their list for this Emblem. In the case of Alphonse, he can get it by losing the final battle.

Grozz Nuy's Emblem[]

This emblem requires time and planning to get. To have an easier time doing so, do the following steps in order:

  1. Start with a Lv19 Dragon.
  2. Use 3 Mirror of the Gods to change into each element to get the first four class changes.
  3. Level up to get the fifth.
  4. Change it's alignment (Urn of Chaos or Tome of Discipline) to get the sixth and seventh.
  5. Kill it in Training and revive it as a Zombie Dragon to get the eight.
  6. Emblem received.
  7. Use Reincarnation to return it into a normal dragon if you like.

Relix's and Ripple's Emblem[]

This emblem requires time and planning to get, moreso than the Grozz Nuy's Emblem. To have an easier time doing so, do the following steps in order:

  1. Start with a Lv10 Neutral Soldier.
  2. Get the Sniper Emblem in Training.
  3. Change it to Archer, Ninja, Wizard and Dragon Tamer/Beast Tamer.
  4. Level up until it meets the stats for Siren and Cleric.
  5. Get the Knight's Certificate, change to Knight.
  6. Change back to Cleric.
  7. Get the Heavenly Spirit Emblem
  8. Change to Priest.
  9. Change back to Wizard.
  10. Get the Philosopher's Stone Emblem.
  11. Change to Siren (female only).
  12. Get the Lancer Emblem.
  13. Change to Valkyrie (female only).
  14. Get the Vixen's Whisper Emblem (female) or Book of Initiation (male).
  15. Change to Witch/Swordmaster.
  16. Change alignment to Lawful.
  17. Get the Archangel's Feather Emblem.
  18. Transmigrate into an Angel Knight.
  19. Kill the Angel Knight in Training.
  20. Change into Ghost with Necromancy.
  21. Use Reincarnation to change back into a Soldier.
  22. Get the Dragon's Scale Emblem and become a Dragoon (male only).
  23. Change into a Lich.
  24. Receive Emblem.

The Wanderer and the Emblems[]

During the fortune telling at the start of the game, Alphonse will be asked by the Wanderer "Walk which path?". Your answer here determines with Emblem you get at the beginning. Have this in mind if you have specific goals for the beginning or are attempting a speedrun.

Answer Emblem Perks
Belief Miracle Increased critical hit rate earlier
Freedom Arbitration Easier time recruiting early on
Wealth Embodiment of Desires Better items earlier
Longevity Fist Fight Stronger unarmed attacks

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