The Snapdragon, also known as SnapShot, is a special item and Draconic spell featured in Tactics Ogre: The Knight of Lodis and Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together (SNES/PS) respectively. It allows the player to create a powerful elemental sword at the cost of permanently sacrificing the caster unit.

Since the sword's power is dependent on the caster's total stats, level and class, the Snapdragon can easily become one of the most powerful, if not the most powerful weapon in the player's arsenal.

In the PSP remake of Let Us Cling Together, the Snapdragon has been removed and replaced with the functionally identical Cursed Weapons.

In Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together (SNES/PS)[edit | edit source]

In Tactics Ogre: The Knight of Lodis[edit | edit source]

Possibly the best weapon in the game. To obtain a Snapdragon Sword, have an unit use a Snapdragon item in-battle. This permanently transforms them into an one-handed sword that gives bonuses based on their original base stats (STR, INT, AGI only). Naturally the bonuses are higher if a Lv.50 character uses it, instead of a Lv.01. All Snapdragons are named after the character who was sacrificed.

There are only four Snapdragons that can be obtained in the game:

Be aware that the Snapdragons will be lost permanently if you don't get them in the Story Battle they appear in (they won't be found in Training Mode or Random Battles).

Name Icon Description Attack Power Stats Move Resistances Effect Sell Found
(Sacrificed character's name)
KOL Snapdragon Wind Icon.png
KOL Snapdragon Fire Icon.png
KOL Snapdragon Earth Icon.png
KOL Snapdragon Water Icon.png
KOL Snapdragon Virtue Icon.png
KOL Snapdragon Bane Icon.png
One-handed weapon. Sword that confines a human soul by an ancient curse. Sword characteristics reflect abilities of trapped soul (Without effect)
One-handed WPN for DIR ATK. Sword that confines a human soul by an ancient curse. Sword characteristics reflect abilities of trapped soul. (Effect of sword) (With effect)
PWR +85 STR +X, INT +Y, AGI +Z* -0.2 None Varies** N/A Have an ally use a Snapdragon item in-battle
*One-half of the snapped unit's base STR, one-half of the snapped unit's INT and one fifth of the snapped unit's AGI. Using stat-boosting items on a character before "snapping" also increases the stats inherited by the sword.
**Additionally, depending on the sacrificed class, the sword is imbued with a special effect:
  • KOL Male Angel Knight Sprite.gifKOL Female Angel Knight Sprite.gifAngel Knight: +1 Mental Gauge to allies within three panels.
  • KoL-BeastTamer.gifBeast Tamer: +1 Mental Gauge to beast allies within three panels.
  • KoL-DragonTamer.pngDragon Tamer: +1 Mental Gauge to dragon allies within three panels.
  • KoL-Dragoon.gifDragoon: Bonus damage when attacking dragon-type enemies
  • KoL-Faerie.gifFairy: Luck increases
  • KOL Gorgon Sprite.gifGorgon: Prevents petrification
  • KoL-KnightM1.gifKoL-KnightF1.gifKnight: Mental Gauge of allies within three panels can't go lower than 0.
  • KOL Lich Sprite.gifLich: +1 Mental Gauge to undead allies within three panels.
  • KoL-Swordmaster.gifSwordmaster: Gives an Instant Death effect to sword
  • KoL-PriestM.gifKoL-PriestF.gifPriest: Prevents Instant Death (ex: Hell's Gate skill)
  • KoL-Valkyrie.gifValkyrie: +1 Mental Gauge to male allies within three panels.
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