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Sprite(s) Slust's portrait in Ogre Battle: The March of the Black Queen Slust's sprite in Ogre Battle: The March of the Black Queen
Gender Male
Race Human
Nationality Sky Island
Class Dragoon
Faction(s) Heaven
Xenobian Rebellion
Alignment Neutral.png Neutral

Slust, also known as Slust the Red, is one of the three knights in Ogre Battle: The March of the Black Queen. He is put under a spell by Rashidi in his temple on the Sky Island Muspelm.


Ogre Battle[]

A fun loving warrior, Slust is a sucker for women and has many wives on his sky island of Muspelm. During the Ogre Battle, Slust was one of the Three Knights that fought for the side of humanity and banished the ogres back to the underworld with help from his blade Zanzibar. When he returned to Muspelm he was commanded by the gods never to help humanity again because they continued to fight even after evil had left.

The Empire Comes[]

Slust later met Rashidi and a legion of imperial soldiers, who offered him a position in the Empire. Slust refused, obeying the gods commandment, and so Rashidi had no choice but to charm the dragoon and put him under his control. The knights of Muspelm and monks tried to break the spell on Slust but he was too powerful and they had to retreat.


However, the rebels arrived and Destin battled Slust and knocked him out of the spell that kept him captivated to Rashidi's will. The dragoon desired payback and joined forces with the rebellion.


When Rashidi and the Empire were defeated, Slust offered Fenril a drink on Muspelm and returned to his sky island.

Starting Statistics[]

Dragoon 17 198 149 62 131 78 128 60


Slust can be found on the Muspelm stage. To recruit: