Days Long Gone
PSX Map Name Slums of Zenobia
SNES Chapter Name Days Long Gone
SNES Map Name Slums of Zenobia
SNES Revisit Name The Slums of Zenobia
Size 3x3 (Medium)
24 Hour Speed Normal
Stage Music Wall of Defense
Boss Debonair

Slums of Zenobia is a stage in Ogre Battle: The March of the Black Queen. The capital city of Zenobia is also known as Xenobia in the PSP version of Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together.


Surrounded by high castle walls and gates, the city of Xenobia was the capital of the Xenobian Kingdom and once a major trade hub before the Holy Xytegenian Empire conquered it. After its occupation the population surged with the refugees of the war and became to be known as the Slums of Xenobia. The Deva Debonair was demoted and ordered to govern the region and hold off the attack of the Xenobian Rebellion.

After the Empire was dismantled by the rebellion, the city became the capital of the Kingdom of New Xenobia and once again flourished under its new king and queen Tristan and Rauny Xenobia.


SNES Name PSX Name
Rebel Base Mulnique Mulnique
Towns Walled City Anberg
Walled City By'Roit
Shrine City Elrangen
Trade City Fillia
Trade City Kal Robst
Magician's City Palma Nova
Walled City Post Ina
Shrine City Pruzen
Fortress City Anberg
Fortress City By'Roit
Religion City Elrangen
Trade City Fillia
Trade City Kal Robs
Magic City Palma
Fortress City Post Ina
Religion City Pruzen
Enemy Base Zenobia Zenobia
Roshian Temples 3
Hidden Towns Kal Robst (SNES) / Kal Robs (PSX)
Palma Nova (SNES) / Palma (PSX)
Hidden Temples 1


Trade City Fillia
PSX Name SNES Name Price
Cure Potion CURE 400 Goth
Cure Stone HEAL 700 Goth
Cure Ankh ALL HEAL 2000 Goth
Ethereal Flute REVIVE 2000 Goth
Joker Tarot JOKER 2000 Goth

Enemy UnitsEdit

Unit One Unit Two
Unit   Griffonicon Griffon Lvl 7   Beastmanicon Beast Tamer Lvl 7
Samuraiicon Samurai (Leadericon) Lvl 8   Beastmanicon Beast Tamer (Leadericon) Lvl 8  
Griffonicon Griffon Lvl 7     Beastmanicon Beast Tamer Lvl 7
    Wyrmicon Wyrm Lvl 7  
Deployed 3 3
Unit Three Unit Four
Unit       Hawkmanicon Hawk Man Lvl 8
  Griffonicon Cockatris Lvl 7 Hawkmanicon Eagle Man (Leadericon) Lvl 8  
Griffonicon Cockatris Lvl 7      
  Museicon Valkyrie (Leadericon) Lvl 8    
    Hawkmanicon Hawk Man Lvl 8  
Deployed 3 3
Unit Five Unit Six
Unit   Griffonicon Griffon Lvl 7   Blackdragonicon Dragon Lvl 8
Knighticon Knight (Leadericon) Lvl 8   Dragontamericon Dragoner (Leadericon) Lvl 8  
  Griffonicon Griffon Lvl 7   Blackdragonicon Dragon Lvl 8
Deployed 2 2
Unit Seven Unit Eight
Unit Blackdragonicon Dragon Lvl 8   Golemicon Stone Golem Lvl 8  
Wizardicon Wizard (Leadericon) Lvl 9      
      Golemicon Stone Golem Lvl 8
Blackdragonicon Dragon Lvl 8   Clericicon Cleric (Leadericon) Lvl 9  
Deployed 2 2
Unit Nine

  Ninjaicon Ninja Lvl 8
Samuraiicon Samurai (Leadericon) Lvl 9  
  Samuraiicon Samurai Lvl 8
Ninjaicon Ninja Lvl 8  
Deployed 2

Boss UnitEdit

Unit   Blackdragonicon Red Dragon Lvl 9
Generalicon Debonair (General) (Leadericon) Lvl 11  
  Blackdragonicon Red Dragon Lvl 9

Boss Special DialogueEdit

Spoiler alert: The hidden text contains spoilers.
If Ashe is in a unit that comes into contact with the boss:
Ashe1 Hello, Debonair. It’s been a long time. The Highlanders are supposed to be a race of proud warriors. But look at you. You’ve all become just a bunch of assassins! Where’s your pride as a warrior? And why do you think a great general like yourself has been sent to a place like this? Endora is just trying to keep you out of her hair! Think about it!
Quass1 Shut up! I was sent here to stop you! Sent here to stop the fools who are trying to disturb the peace!
Ashe1 Disturb peace? Look at this place! What was once the greatest city in the world is now nothing but a slum! Is this the perfect world you’ve dreamed of? Is this what Endora wants?
Quass1 Stop talking about her Highness that way!
Ashe1 Very well. We’ll just have to show you another way!

Events During StageEdit

  • Liberate the hidden Roshian Temple north of Fillia to receive Termites (TERMITES). Using this item will destroy all the walls on the map. However, this will allow the enemy commander to deploy its own ground units.
  • Liberating Anberg will allow the player to recruit a mercenary named Lyon. His price is 20,000 Goth if the player chooses to hire him during the stage. It is possible to revisit Anberg after the stage has been beaten and hire him for less.
  • Liberate By'Roit to have the knight Ashe ask to join the rebels. Answering "Yes" lets him join, while answering "No" results in denying him entry and a decrease in reputation.
  • There is special dialogue if a unit led by Ashe comes into contact with the enemy commander Debonair.
  • When a unit led by anyone but Ashe or the Opinion Leader comes into contact with Debonair, he will ask that unit to surrender. An answer of "Yes" will permanently remove the unit from the player's army. An answer of "No" will initiate combat.

Events After StageEdit

  • Revisit Anberg to hire Lyon for 5,000 Goth if he wasn't hired during the stage.
  • Revisit Palma Nova (SNES) / Palma (PSX) to sell the Moonrose for 100, 1000 or 5000 Goth. If you refuse to sell the Moonrose, then you are called greedy and receive a small drop in reputation. It can also be sold later in Kalbi Peninsula for 50,000 Goth or Organa for 100,000 Goth.
  • Revisit Kal Robst (SNES) / Kal Robs (PSX) to speak with Banya and receive the Key of Destiny (KEY).
  • Revisit Kal Robst (SNES) / Kal Robs (PSX) with a unit containing Tristan to receive the Book of Good (BOOK) from Banya.
  • Revisit the Roshian Temple northwest of the Rebel base with the Tablet of Yaru (TABLET) to receive a Garnet, one of the Zodiac Stones.

Neutral EncountersEdit

Class Blackdragonicon Dragon
Level 7
Found Forest2 Forest
Class Houndicon Hellhound
Level 9
Found Mountain2 Mountain
Class Octopusicon Octopus
Level 9
Found Deepsea2 Deep Sea

Buried TreasureEdit


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