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Gender Female
Race Demon
Class Sirene
Alignment Chaotic
A monster, called the Sea Witch. Many are the men who have lost their lives at the bottom of the sea, lured into calamity by the dulcet tones of her voice. She feeds upon the souls of the men she kills.

Sirene is a non-playable character in Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together. A wicce of the sea, whose voice "sings your doom" according to Diego Galet Azelstan, she appears to devour souls.

Following the events of the Heim Conflict, Sirene possesses the body of Canopus's sister Iuria travels by ship to Valeria while trying to follow her brother, but her ship is beset by pirates. Sirene possesses Iuria's body and destroys the pirates.

Later on, Sirene visits the pirate town of Port Ormish, where people dying. She seems to enjoy the company of the undead in the Pirate's Graveyard, which is where she was defeated by Denam Morne, who had followed her at Canopus's behest.

Abilities Edit

Sirene's primary ability appears to be her voice. Azelstan relates tales that say anyone who hears her voice will happily wish to die; "Whole crews, even ships have been lost at sea. Even those rescued wither away until they're naught more than foam. Sirene calls their souls to her and eats 'em."

She complains that Iuria's body may still be resisting her, and notes during the battle in which you save Iuria that her "voice doesn't work."

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