Shiven Verde
Sprite(s) Shiven1 Shiven2
Gender Male
Race Human
Nationality Lodis
Class Ninja
Faction(s) Hand of the Pope
Alphonse's Battalion
Alignment Chaotic Chaotic
Element Fire Fire
"Mistress Alinda, I will go wherever you go."
— Shiven

Shiven Verde is a shadowy ninja in Tactics Ogre: The Knight of Lodis.


It is unknown how long Shiven had served in the Hand of the Pope but his loyalty to his superior Cybil Alinda was unwavering. Trained in the ways of a ninja, Shiven worked as an intelligence officer for Cybil, scouting locations and reporting back to her and headquarters. Examples include spying on the Order of the Sacred Flame retreating from the Gryllus Forest to scouting the Urodela Cape and providing information on an armed force in the area.

When Alphonse Loeher agreed to work with Cybil of his own volition, Cybil sent Shiven to aid Alphonse and keep an eye on his activities.

During the climactic battle between Alphonse's forces and the fallen angel Shaher, the angel revealed Shiven's concealed romantic feelings for Cybil and urged him to leave her side if he did not wish to pursue his love. He rebuffed the Sacred Demon by stating that the pain in his heart is his proof of being alive.

After Shaher's defeat, Shiven was tasked with cleaning the trail of Alphonse and Cybil as they left Ovis. On a secluded cliff, Cybil shared with Shiven that she did not intend to return to Galius and freed Shiven from her service, warning him that he would be pursued if he followed her. He reassured her that he would follow her wherever she went.

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