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The Secret Shop is a recurring location in the series. As the name implies, is a hidden shop that sells rare items. It's run by Deneb Rove or one of her Pumpkinheads. Access to the shop varies depending on the game, but Deneb is usually needed in one way or another to do so.

Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together[]

Tactics Ogre: The Knight of Lodis[]

The shop is located in Scabellum, and you have to recruit Deneb to enter. Unlike previous games, this shop is rather easy to access, being located in the first town and only needing to have Deneb in your party, which can be done as early as LV.4.

The items sold here can't be found anywhere else. While the armor sold here can be useful for the early game (though costly), the real highlight is the valuable Firecrest accesory. Completionist may be drawn to buying the Candy Set (the Sugar Cane is dropped by Lethe after a story battle).

The shop sells the following items:

Shop's Inventory
Name Type Description Stats Price
Candy Helm Helm Sweet helm of hardened honey. Not for those on a diet! PHYS DEF +21, SPLL DEF +2, PHYS RES +7 2200 G
Chocolate Shield Shield One-handed shield made from sugar and cocoa beans. Careful, those of you with a sweet tooth! PHYS DEF +10, SPLL DEF +5, PHYS RES +15 2200 G
Candy Armor Armor Delectable armor made from hardened sugar. Don't be tempted by its sweet pleasures! PHYS RES +10 2200 G
Fur Coat Armor Expensive coat made from animal pelts. PHYS DEF +15, SPLL DEF +5, INT +5, PHYS RES +5 4800 G
Sacrificial Doll Accessory Expendable that can be equipped to prevent Instant Death. None 1200 G
Sacred Stone of Bliss Accessory Expendable. Sacred gem that retrieves the wearer's soul upon death (Virtue). Recover full HP. PHYS DEF +5 6400 G
Firecrest* Accessory Red gem confining the soul of the Divine Dragon. A sacred treasure. PHYS DEF +90, SPLL DEF +15, PHYS RES +30, WIND RES +30, FIRE RES +30, ERTH RES +30, WATR RES +30, VIRT RES +30, BANE RES +30 32000 G
Orb Expendable Expendable. Crystal orb containing the formidable power of the elements. None 2200 G

*The Firecrest[]

The Firecrest won't be initially displayed in the shop's inventory. To be able to buy it, you need to sell 5 Glass Pumpkins in the Secret Shop. The Glass Pumpkins can be found in different places, four of them have fixed locations:

  • Lutra on the very top left side, 3 spaces from the very top corner; next to a small ledge (Coordinate 13,10).
  • Vespa on the left side of the rock toward the middle right side of the screen (Coordinate 6,3).
  • Gryllus on the right side of the waterfall in the middle. Halfway between the land and the small island (Coordinate 5,7).
  • Glycinia will always come with one equipped when she's recruited.

Other Glass Pumpkins can be found by doing Quest Mode 2 and completing the "Defeat All" condition in 1-12 turns, or the "Defeat Leader" condition in 1-7 turns. You might need to repeat these battles a few times, as the pumpkin is not guaranteed to drop every time.

Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together (PSP)[]

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