"A lively coastal port where trade with Lodis flourishes."
— Map description
Scabellum Map

Scabellum is the third story location in Tactics Ogre: The Knight of Lodis. A port town with much trading from Lodis, east of the Solea church and west of the dangerous Gryllus forest.

Besides the general shops found in every town, there's a secret shop that can be entered by a certain mysterious character....

Battles Edit

Story Battle #2 Edit

Enemies HP Spoils
Lv.2 Soldier (M) 139 Stone of Swiftness
Lv.2 Soldier (M) 136 Healing Leaf
Lv.2 Soldier (F) 136 Short Bow
Lv.3 Wizard (F) 115 Thunder Flare
Guests HP
Lv.3 Ivanna Batraal (F) 141
Lv.4 Rictor Lasanti (M) 181
Lv.3 Orson Lamies (M) 121
  • Difficulty: 2/10.
  • Map width: 18x16.
  • Goth: N/A.
  • Victory condition: Defeat Leader.

Ivanna can give an introductory tutorial on elemental affinity at the start of the battle.

Alphonse and Ivanna will start the battle by themselves, but on Turn 3 Rictor and Orson will enter from the east of the map. As a Knight, Ivanna will come with the Heal spell, which she will prioritize. This, alongside Rictor's and Orson's appearances plus the enemy's overall weakness means that, like before, this battle can be won automatically, but do mind the Wizard's attacks on Alphonse.

This time, treasure can be unearthed from the correct tiles. A Dragon Shield is buried at tile (15, 02), in the section near the barrels, but it cannot be picked without a flying unit (Fairy, Hawkman) or water-walker (Ninja), so remember to come back here in Training Mode when you have one. At the (07, 12) coordinate it's possible (though not guaranteed) to unearth a Claymore or Great Bow, much better equipment that what you'll find or buy at this point in the story.

After the battle and some cutscenes, Alphonse will be given 3,500G and a small group of units according to the answers given to the Fortune Teller during the intro scene. Lutra will now be open for random battles as well. It can be said that this is the point where players are left to advance on their own.

Buried Treasure Edit

Treasure X/Y Burn Tile?
Random 12, 06 No
Random 08, 02 No
Random 06, 12 No
Dragon Shield 16, 03 No

Secret Shop Edit

After recruiting Deneb (see her page for the neccessary steps) the general shop here will be overriden by the Secret Shop (see page for full inventory). Compared to other entries in the series, this version of the secret shop is rather limited, but there are a few highlights like the Firecrest (must sell 5 Glass Pumpkins here first to unlock), three of the Candy Set (the weapon piece must be obtained from a later story battle), the Sacrificial Doll and the Sacred Stone of Bliss.

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