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|species = [[Ogre]]
|species = [[Ogre]]
|nationality = [[Ovis]]
|nationality = [[Ovis]]
|class = [[Ogre|Ogre (class)]]
|class = [[Ogre (class)]]
|faction = [[Netherworld]]
|faction = [[Netherworld]]
|alignment = [[Image:chaotic.png]] [[Chaotic]]
|alignment = [[Image:chaotic.png]] [[Chaotic]]

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Sprite(s) Rimmon1 Rimmon2
Gender Male
Race Ogre
Nationality Ovis
Class Ogre (class)
Faction(s) Netherworld
Alignment Chaotic Chaotic
Element Dark Dark
"Ahh..ahhhh...ugghhh......Aahgg!!! precious..."
— Rimmon

Rimmon is a cave dwelling ogre in Tactics Ogre: The Knight of Lodis.


Rimmon was once a man. Driven into a furious rage when his sister died of a rare illness, he turned his bitterness towards what he thought of as an unmerciful God.

At first his fellow villagers felt pity for him over his loss but that pity soon turned to fear. He had given up his job and remained shut in his house, with only the sounds of his insane cursing emanating from within. The day that he emerged from his house he went on a murderous rampage, attacking the villagers like a bloodthirsty demon.

Luckily a priest happened to be passing by and sealed the crazed man inside of Rebanada. Years inside the cavernous dwelling twisted his appearance, giving him the countenance of an ogre.

During the search for the Sacred Spear Longicolnis, Alphonse Loeher and Elrik entered the cave of Rimmon and destroyed him, ending his anguish.

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