Sprite(s) Rashidi's Portrait in Ogre Battle: The March of the Black Queen Rashidi's sprite in Ogre Battle: The March of the Black Queen
Gender Male
Race Human
Nationality Xenobia
Class Wiseman
Faction(s) Five Heroes
Sacred Xytegenian Empire
Alignment Chaotic.png Chaotic

Rashidi is a sage in Ogre Battle: The March of the Black Queen. He is one of the central antagonists in the Sacred Xytegenian Empire.

Story[edit | edit source]

Ogre Battle: The March of the Black Queen[edit | edit source]

Early Life[edit | edit source]

Rashidi was one of "The Five Heroes" that united the warring kingdoms on the continent of Xytegenia. Later, he founded the Xenobian Kingdom with one of his fellow heroes, Gran Xenobia. Rashidi then took on three apprentices: Kapella, Saradin and Albeleo and was considered the greatest wizard on the continent.

Manipulation of the Empire[edit | edit source]

When Hyland was invaded by the four kingdoms, Rashidi offered his services to Empress Endora. He used his position of power in the Empire to manipulate the royal family. Rashidi began his possession of Endora and her son Gares by slowly twisting them into his dark pawns. He also tutored and tempted others in the Empire including the religious Deva Previa, Randals and Apros.

During the great war, he placed a spell of disguise on Gares so he could assassinate King Gran and recruited the ninja master Prokion to assassinate King Ofays. He also saved the necromancer Omicron from execution in Horai and allowed him to continue his research on the Forbidden Seance spell.

For anyone in the Empire that disobeyed his commands he imprisoned or demoted. Examples of this are the demotion of the Deva Debonair and the perceptive monk Norn.

Power of the Black Diamond[edit | edit source]

Unable to retrieve the twelve Zodiac Stones because of his evil deeds, he contacted the angel Mizal and she fell in love with him. He used her love to his advantage and had her bring him the Black Diamond, a stone of equal power with the twelve Zodiac Stones. Rashidi used his magic and the Black Diamond to find the Chaos Gates, so he could charm the Three Knights and use them against his enemies. He also used the stone's power to sign a contract with the demon Galf, who he promised to free if the demon destroyed the rebels.

Destined[edit | edit source]

The Paladins of Hyland investigated and revealed that Rashidi only used the Empire to find the twelve Zodiac Stones for him. Empress Endora had her son Gares execute the entire Paladin Order for their impudence. However, Rashidi's final goal was to use the world as a bargaining chip in a bid with the dark gods to receive the ultimate magic. He went as far as offering the rebels the world if they let him complete the ritual to resurrect Diablo. At the Temple Shalina he succeeded in resurrecting Diablo but died at the hands of Destin, an outcome he knew to be fate.

Reincarnation[edit | edit source]

However this was not his true end. Through the machinations he had set up, he was reincarnated through his daughter Mari, and returned in the body of a god.

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