LuCT PSP Hero Vyce Artwork
"A wandering warrior adept in the use of a wide range of martial skills. Particularly good at taking out specific targets. Rangers perform well in all manners of situations."
— LuCT PSP description

The Ranger is a special class in Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together. Previously known as the Warrior, this class was exclusive to Vyce Bozeck in the SNES/PS version, but in the PSP version it can also be used by Diego Galet Azelstan.

Not to be confused with the generic class Warrior, known as the Fighter in the SNES/PS version.

Overview Edit

Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together (PSP) Edit

  • Weapon type: Fist, Dagger, 1H Sword, Axe, Bow, Crossbow, Fusil*, Thrown.
  • Armor type: Medium armor.

This is one of the most interesting special classes in the game. In addition to a wide array of weapon options, the Ranger may use Double Attack, just like its predecessor in the original version.

This class also enjoys the biggest DEX stat in the game. With this in consideration, dual-wielding Daggers is the most damage dealing out of the weapon options, next to using Bows or Crossbows; though, this class can do well with 1H Swords and Axes, not so much with Fists. Another great option is to make it dual wield Fusils*, but you will need to transfer the skill from another class to train it.

Notably, this class can equip Archer exclusive equipment, including te Ji'ygla Bow, which in certain conditions can outperform the dual dagger setup.

Unsurprisingly, the Ranger gets a number of mobility perks, such as innate Wade I and learning Swiftfoot II.

However, this class is somewhat fragile, and especially vulnerable to magic, since both Vyce and Azelstan have very low RES stats. Use food items and pick tarots to rectify this if necessary.

Ultimately, the Ranger is a versatile combatant and ideal front-liner, easily comparable to the Buccaneer class. While the Buccaneer can be considered superior thanks to Speedstar, the Ranger is available much earlier and without as much difficulty to unlock. As for which class is better, the Ranger can do better damage with daggers and ranged weapons due to it's high DEX score and can be trained earlier, but the Buccaneer gets Speedstar and trained Fusils skill.

Adittional classmarks can be obtained by repeating Vyce's recruitment event in Chapter 3 Lawful.

Statistics Edit

Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together (PSP) Edit

LuCT PSP Hero Vyce Portrait Stats: Level 1 Level 50
STR +120
VIT +118
LuCT PSP Vyce Sprite DEX +130
Human AGIL +121
Classmark Brave's Mark AVD +127
Move 4 Agile, 2 Up, 3 Down INT +113
RT 25 MIND +111
Basic Attacks RES +118
Melee MeleeATK Punch ATK 7
Ranged RangedATK Cast Stones DEF 7
Magic Class Skills
None Recruit [1]
Back Attack [8]
First Aid [13]
Disarm [18]
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