Prince Oberyth is a story character in Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together. Despite never appearing or being given a name, his existance and death have a great impact in the story.

He was born the son of King Dorgalua Oberyth Valeria and Queen Vernotta Eltynaha Oberyth, making him the Crown Prince of Valeria. He died of unknown causes as a toddler, which later resulted in Queen Vernotta's death by despair and King Dorgalua's supposed death (actually entraptment in the Chaos Gate below the Hanging Gardens). As there were no other heirs (his older half-sister Versalia's existance being hidden from the public), Valeria was plunged into a succession crisis that separated the kingdom into three factions and incited a new war; this war would last for almost two decades until the end of the Heim Conflict, when the actions of Denam Morne and resurgence of Versalia Oberyth brought unity to the Valerian Isles once again.

His body was buried in the Hanging Gardens, along with his mother's.

Trivia Edit

  • His cause of death is unknown, but according to this 2011 interview with Matsuno and the development team, the original idea was for the prince to have fallen from a high place to his death while playing in the Hanging Gardens.
    • Since Dorgalua had the gardens built in honor of his wife and child, this can be considered very cruel irony.
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