Prancet Morne
Prancet pic
Sprite(s) Plancy1 Plancy2
Gender Male
Age 46
Birthplace Heim
Race Human
Nationality Bakram
Faction(s) Independent
Alignment Lawful
Element Fire

Prancet Morne, also known as Prancet Pavel, is a non-playable character in Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together.

Prancet Pavel was the known father of Catiua Pavel and Denam Pavel, until later in the game when it is revealed that his real name is actually Prancet Morne, and that he is the younger brother of Brantyn Morne. He was an abuna in the Order of Philaha, and was secretly tasked to raise the daughter of the late King Dorgalua, Catiua.

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