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Sprite(s) Posha1
Gender Female
Race Human
Nationality Xenobia

Posha is a little girl in Ogre Battle: The March of the Black Queen. She is encountered at the trade city, Somyul, in Diaspola (if reputation is at least 45% and the Opinion Leader has at least 55 alignment). Her mother was ill and her family could not afford to buy the Golden Beehive needed to cure her. Posha's father searched for a Golden Beehive to save her but he had not been heard from since he left.

Destin learned from monks that her father had died with the beehive beside him and he brought it back to Posha. Posha was overjoyed to receive the beehive, told Destin she planned to marry him one day and gave him a Sentoul Demon statue that she used to keep as a lucky charm.

Later, Destin brought Posha a Ginger Cake which she ate right away and ended up biting into one of the Zodiac Stones, Pearl, which was baked inside. She thought the stone was creepy so she gave it to Destin.

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