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References to Queen[]

As a self-admitted fan of the British band, Yasumi Matsuno makes frequent references to them in his works:

References to Fiction[]

  • The Vultan are named after Prince Vultan, a major character in the Flash Gordon franchise. The mention of the Vartan having "once ruled the heavens" can also be a reference to Vultan and the Hawkmen, who rule the floating Sky City. The Hawkmen are a humanoid race found in both series.
  • From the PSP version of Let Us Cling Together, the Dark spell Evil Dead is named after the Evil Dead franchise.
  • Two of the possible names of your first generic units in the PS1 version of Let Us Cling Together are Ripley and Newt, two characters from the Alien franchise. Another possible generic name is MacReady, named after the main character from John Carpenter's The Thing.
  • Lans Hamilton's quote in the PS1 version of Let Us Cling Together "I see... We are going to Amorika anyway... Not to help you, but to fight for truth, justice, and the Amer... Umm, we're just going in the same direction" refers to Superman's M.O. from the comics, "to fight for truth, justice, and the American way".

References to Real People[]

References to Other Works[]

The series has done references to other works made by the same companies or developement teams, most notably Matsuno's Final Fantasy Tactics:

  • Ravness Loxaerion is based on Agrias Oaks, a character from Final Fantasy Tactics. Their character sprites are nearly identical.
  • Arycelle Dania's new moniker in the PSP version, "Thunder Maiden", is most likely a nod to Cidolfus Orlandeau, a character from Final Fantasy Tactics, nicknamed "Thunder God Cid" in-universe. Like Cid, Arycelle is well-known as an overpowered unit.
  • In another reference to Cidolfus Orlandeau, a "Count Orlandeau" is mentioned in the Warren Reports of the PSP version of Tactics Ogre, naming this figure as the ancestor to Leundar Balbatos's puppet lord and figurehead leader of the Galgastani.
  • As two near-identical demonic servants disguised as humans, Lethe and Cirvante seems to be inspired in Lettie and Celia; both pairs have names beginning with the same letter, and Lethe's name is very similar to Lettie's.
  • In a retroactive example, Vyce's characterization and motivations in the Chaos route of the PSP version draws similarities to Argath Thadalfus, up to including his murder of another character via crossbow. Incidentally, Vyce was the original inspiration for Delita Heiral.