PSX Map Name Pogrom Forest
SNES Chapter Name Advance
SNES Map Name Pogrom Forest
SNES Revisit Name The Pogrom Forest
Size 3x2 (Small)
24 Hour Speed Normal
Stage Music Go-Go March
Boss Kapella

Pogrom Forest is a stage in Ogre Battle: The March of the Black Queen. Goverened by the mage Kapella, the forest is said to be haunted by spirits of the dead.


When Castle Xenobia fell twenty five years before the Xenobian Rebellion, the survivors fled into the forests. Duke Apros of the Sacred Xytegenian Empire ignored the pleas of surrender from the people within and set fire to the entire forest, burning everyone inside alive. Kapella, the apprentice of Rashidi governed the region and used the tormented spirits of the dead that wandered the damned forest in rituals to conjure demons.


SNES Name PSX Name
Rebel Base Matt'Gro Matt'Gro
Towns Trade City Acre
Trade City Alagoyas
Trade City Lolaima
Walled City Melanion
Temple City Para
Free City Rhodnia
Trade City Vyer
Trade City Melanion
Trade City Minas
Trade City Lolaima
Fortress City Rhodnia
Holy City Selshippe
Freedom City Alagoyas
Trade City Vyer
Enemy Base Goyas Goyas
Roshian Temples 3
Hidden Towns Alagoyas (SNES) / Minas (PSX)
Para (SNES) / Selshippe (PSX)
Hidden Temples 0


Trade City Lolaima
PSX Name SNES Name Price
Cure Potion CURE 400 Goth
Cure Stone HEAL 700 Goth
Dinner Bell BELL 2000 Goth
Joker Tarot JOKER 2000 Goth
Mass Summons SUMMONS 3000 Goth

Enemy UnitsEdit

Unit One Unit Two
Unit   Ghosticon Ghost Lvl 7 Impicon Imp Lvl 5  
Wizardicon Wizard (Leadericon) Lvl 6      
      Impicon Imp Lvl 5
  Ghosticon Ghost Lvl 7 Wizardicon Wizard (Leadericon) Lvl 6  
Deployed 4 4
Unit Three Unit Four
Beastmanicon Beast Tamer (Leadericon) Lvl 6     Skeletonicon Skeleton Lvl 7
  Wyrmicon Wyrm Lvl 5 Wizardicon Wizard (Leadericon) Lvl 6  
Wyrmicon Wyrm Lvl 5     Skeletonicon Skeleton Lvl 7
Deployed 2 4
Unit Five Unit Six
Unit       Houndicon Hellhound Lvl 5
Witchicon Witch (Leadericon) Lvl 6      
    Berserkericon Berserker (Leadericon) Lvl 6  
  Golemicon Golem Lvl 6    
      Houndicon Hellhound Lvl 5
Deployed 3 3
Unit Seven Unit Eight
Unit Hawkmanicon Hawk Man Lvl 5      
      Ninjaicon Ninja Lvl 5
Impicon Imp (Leadericon) Lvl 6 Hawkmanicon Hawk Man Lvl 5 Dollmageicon Doll Master (Leadericon) Lvl 6  
      Ninjaicon Ninja Lvl 5
Hawkmanicon Hawk Man Lvl 5      
Deployed 3 3

Boss UnitEdit

Unit   Impicon Imp Lvl 7
Wizardicon Kapella (Mage) (Leadericon) Lvl 8                                 
  Impicon Imp Lvl 7
  Impicon Imp Lvl 7

Events During StageEdit

  • Liberate Alagoyas (SNES) / Minas (PSX) to receive a Mystic Mace (MYSTIC).
  • Liberate Vyer with a Reputation below 50% to receive an Evil Sensor (CENSER). Re-entering after liberation works as well. 
  • Visit the town of Para (SNES) / Selshippe (PSX) with the Evil Sensor (CENSER) to trade it to the merchant, Toad, in exchange for a Sentoul Demon (DEMON). 

Events After StageEdit

  • By refusing to help Boltorano, the player's reputation will drop slightly. The offer is repeated with each visit to the city (while the reputation meter is above 70%). This can be a useful way to drop reputation points quickly, though not as good as Borgnine's offer using a Sentoul Demon (DEMON).
  • Revisit Para (SNES) / Selshippe (PSX) with the Gem of Doun (DOUN GEM) to receive the Olden Orb (ORB).

Neutral EncountersEdit

Class Ghosticon Ghost
Level 9
Found Forest2 Forest
Class Impicon Imp
Level 6
Found Mountain2 Mountain
Class Skeletonicon Skeleton
Level 9
Found Forest2 Forest

Buried TreasureEdit


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