Paul Lukische
Sprite(s) Paul1a Paul's sprite in Ogre Battle 64: Person of Lordly Caliber
Gender Male
Age 18
Race Human
Nationality Palatinus
Class Enchanter
Faction(s) Blue Knights
Alignment Neutral
Element Earth

Paul Lukische, also known as the Devil Child is a playable character in Ogre Battle 64: Person of Lordly Caliber, who lives in the Tremos Mountains. Paul believes himself to be the reason that the Neitherworlders came into this world. He was spending time with his friend, Theokia, when a Gorgon appears, turning Theokia to stone. He blames himself for this tragedy and the people of the surronding towns began calling him the "Devil Child".

He eventually meets Magnus Gallant when his Blue Knights engage in battle with a group of mercenaries in the area. Seeing it as an opportunity to do something good for people, Paul joins him and assists the revolution.

While in the Blue Knights, Paul forms friendships with Sheen Cocteau and Carth Forleizen.


Paul1 Class Enchanter
Starting Level
Leadership Rank UnitLeader Badge Unit Leader
Element Earth Earth
Carriable Items 1
Movement Type Plains2 Plains
PLCLevelup Statistic Increases Per Level
Hit Points Strength Vitality Intelligence Mentality Agility Dexterity
5 4 4 5 5 4 5
EquipmentIcon Equipment
Dolls Robes
Fool Fool MagiciansRobe Magician's Robe
Accessories Headgear
Amulet Amulet Bandanna Bandanna
PLCattacks Attacks
Row Name Description Attacks Element
Front Pull Strings Uses a doll to attack an enemy 3 Physical
Middle Pull Strings Uses a doll to attack an enemy 2 Physical
Back Pull Strings Uses a doll to attack an enemy 2 Physical

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