The Palatinean Revolutionary Army is an organization founded by Frederick Raskin, whose goals included equal rights for all peoples of Palatinus and independence from the Holy Lodis Empire.

The rebellion began in the Southern Region of Alba, the area of Palatinus where the most mistreatment of citizens was present. A rogue faction of the rebellion eventually captured Prince Yumil Dulmare and his escorts, Eurynome Rhade and Jeal Veritte, intending to execute them. Rookie troops training nearby led by Magnus Gallant entered the Volmus Mine area and rescued the group, with Rhade ordering him to continue the battle and exterminate the rebels.

Mangus defeated and captured Qad, the leader of the rebel troops in Volmus Mine. Rhade attempted to execute him despite the protests of Yumil, but he was rescued by the intervention of the Xenobians, Quass Debonair and Destin Faroda, who engaged Rhade and Jeal, respectively, while Aisha Knudel untied Qad and Saradin Carm incapicated Rhade, Jeal, Yumil and Magnus with Ray of Paralysis.

The establishment of the revolution followed, and they began engaging in battles with the Southern Division. Mangus was given a captaincy by General Godeslas Branic and formed a battalion called the Blue Knights. They themselves engaged in several battles with the Revolutionary Army. Organizing themselves better, they got many Southern Division soldiers to defect and took over most of Alba simultaneously. The Blue Knights were sent to Volumus Mine to capture Raskin and were successful. Faced with personally executing Frederick, Magnus freed him instead and his entire battalion defected with him to the Revolutionary Army.

Frederick assigned the Blue Knights to be a mobile force and due to other circumstances and they eventually liberated the rest of the southern region.

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