In the Palace of the Dead, there are three Palace of the Dead Shops. Each sells the same items, and has the usual amenities in terms of selling, hiring, auctioning, and crafting.

The shops in levels 24 and 65 are run by a Pumpkinhead--perhaps a couple of Deneb's escapees made it to the palace and decided to set up shop?

The shop at level 103 is run by a Spectral Proprietor with the appearance of a Lich.



In addition to the standard Ninjitsu spells and the standard War Dances, the Palace shop sells:

Arcana Teaches the Spell Cost Subtype
Grimoire Sylphide Sylphide 2200 Air
Grimoire Orestiad Gnome 2200 Earth
Grimoire Tonnerre Thunderbird 2200 Lightning
Grimoire Naiad Undine 2200 Water
Grimoire Salamandre Salamander 2200 Fire
Grimoire Wendigo Wendigo 2200 Ice
Grimoire Lumina Whisplight 2200 Light
Grimoire Exorcisme II Exorcism II 1800 Light
Grimoire Annulation Dispel 2100 Light
Grimoire Fluidite Liberate 2700 Light
Grimoire Purete II Cleanse II 2400 Light
Grimoire Purgation Ease 2000 Light
Grimoire Soins II Major Heal II 2300 Light
Grimoire Briseciel III Meteor Strike III 2800 Dark
Grimoire Fenrir Hellhound 2200 Dark
Grimoire Aspirenergie Drain Power 1900 Dark
Grimoire Menottes Shackle 2300 Dark
Grimoire Entrave Fixate 2000 Dark
Grimoire Epouvante Deadscream 2400 Dark
Grimoire Damnes Dead Man's Ivy 2500 Dark
Grimoire Tempete Tempest 2700 Draconic (Air)
Grimoire Distorsion Gaia Strike 2700 Draconic (Earth)
Grimoire Ouragan Vortex 2700 Draconic (Lightning)
Grimoire Inondation Deluge 2700 Draconic (Water)
Grimoire Fournaise Annihilation 2700 Draconic (Fire)
Grimoire Glaciation Iceover 2700 Draconic (Ice)
Grimoire Stellaire Starfall 2700 Draconic (Light)
Grimoire Supplices Diablo's Spite 2700 Draconic (Dark)
Grimoire Prestesse Dodge Blades 1200 Draconic
Grimoire Oeildaigle Ballistics 1400 Draconic
Grimoire Vifesprit Enlighten 1500 Draconic
Grimoire Antimagie Phantom Shell 1400 Draconic
Grimoire Mortvivant Living Corpse 1300 Necromantic
Grimoire Cendres Banish 500 Necromantic
Grimoire Malediction Curse 1200 Necromantic
Grimoire Metaponction Life Force 700 Necromantic
Grimoire Sangnoir Putrify 1700 Necromantic
Grimoire Debilitation Brainrot 800 Necromantic
Grimoire Necrotransfert Styx Shift 1000 Necromantic


In addition to the standard Consumables, Reagents, Classmarks, Ingredients, and Recipes, the Palace Shop also sells Charms of Remission and Necromancy Reagents.

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