Orson Lamies
Sprite(s) Orson1 Orson2
Gender Male
Race Human
Nationality Lodis
Class Archer
Faction(s) Order of the Sacred Flame
Alignment Lawful Lawful
Element Air Air
"Go and witness these events with your own eyes, and don't ever look back at those you've defeated."
— Orson Lamies

Orson Lamies is an archer of the Order of the Sacred Flame in Tactics Ogre: The Knight of Lodis.


A soldier of Lodis, Orson rarely left the side of his master Rictor Lasanti. He was sent along with the others in the Order of the Sacred Flame to Ovis, to investigate the motivations of the northern forces of the island known as Rananculus.

He fought alongside his master Rictor, Alphonse Loeher, Justin and Lara on a rocky beach of the Lutra Islands against the mercenaries sent by Rananculus to ambush them. Orson and the others defeated the ambush party down to the man. However, Alphonse was shot with a crossbow bolt and thought drowned in the sea.

Orson and Rictor headed for the mainland and were reunited with Alphonse when they came upon him battling Rananculus forces in Scabellum. Afterwards they planned their next move and split their forces. While Alphonse headed to Formido, Orson and Rictor journeyed through the Gryllus Forest.

Unfortunately, the spirits of the dead within the forest repelled them and forced the order to retreat back to Scabellum.

Sometime later, the order learned of Alphonse's betrayal and Orson was sent to stop him at Haena Pass. Orson was no match for the knight however and Alphonse had no choice but to kill the loyal servant of Lodis.

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