The Lost Knight
PSX Map Name Organa
SNES Chapter Name The Lost Knight
SNES Map Name Organa
SNES Revisit Name Organa
Size 3x3 (Medium)
24 Hour Speed Long
Stage Music Autumn Sky
Boss Fenril
Organa is a stage in Ogre Battle: The March of the Black Queen.


Long ago the Sky Island Organa was used as a prison for the criminals of the other Sky Islands but during the Xenobian Rebellion only one criminal remained, Fenril, one of the Three Knights of the Ogre Battle Legend. Like the other Sky Islands, it can only be reached through the use of a Chaos Gate. When the Empire came to recruit Fenril she refused, and was placed under the charm spell of Rashidi.


SNES Name PSX Name
Rebel Base Kauffa Kauffa
Towns Self-Ruled City Albaminch
Self-Ruled City Baldella
Shrine City Denbi
Shrine City Elbul
Magician's City Mogand
Magician's City Moyare
Trade City Ohbia
Self-Ruled City Rugannah
Magician's City Wageel
Independent City Albaminc
Independent City Baldella
Religion City Denbi
Religion City Elbul
Magic City Mongand
Magic City Moyare
Trade City Ohbia
Independent City Rugannah
Magic City Wageel
Enemy Base Aulganna Organa
Roshian Temples 3
Hidden Towns Albaminch (SNES) / Albaminc (PSX)
Hidden Temples 2


Trade City Ohbia
PSX Name SNES Name Price
Cure Stone HEAL 700 Goth
Cure Anhk ALL HEAL 2000 Goth
Ethereal Flute REVIVE 2000 Goth
Joker Tarot JOKER 2000 Goth
Persuasion Spell CHARM 50000 Goth

Enemy Unit(s)Edit

Unit One Unit Two
Unit   Amazonicon Amazon Lvl 13 Angelicon Angel Lvl 13 Angelicon Angel Lvl 13
Hawkmanicon Raven Man (Leadericon) Lvl 15      
  Amazonicon Amazon Lvl 13    
Hawkmanicon Raven Man Lvl 13      
  Amazonicon Amazon Lvl 13 Witchicon Witch (Leadericon) Lvl 15 Angelicon Angel Lvl 13
Deployed 4 4
Unit Three Unit Four
Unit Houndicon Cerberos Lvl 13   Berserkericon Berserker Lvl 13  
    Clericicon Shaman (Leadericon) Lvl 13 Berserkericon Berserker Lvl 14
  Houndicon Cerberos Lvl 13    
Museicon Valkyrie (Leadericon) Lvl 15   Berserkericon Berserker Lvl 13  
Deployed 3 3
Unit Five Unit Six
Unit   Knighticon Knight Lvl 13   Blackdragonicon Black Dragon Lvl 13
Knighticon Knight (Leadericon) Lvl 15      
    Dragontamericon Dragoner (Leadericon) Lvl 14  
  Knighticon Knight Lvl 13    
Griffonicon Griffon Lvl 13     Blackdragonicon Black Dragon Lvl 13
Deployed 3 4
Unit Seven

  Impicon Demon Lvl 12
Impicon Demon Lvl 13  
  Impicon Demon Lvl 12
Wizardicon Wizard (Leadericon) Lvl 15  
Deployed 4

Stage Boss Unit(s)Edit

Dragoonicon Fenril (Dragoon) (Leadericon) Lvl 17  
  Golemicon Iron Golem Lvl 13

Events During StageEdit

  • To recruit the special character Fenril, defeat her in battle. If the player has 2/3 of the Reputation Meter full, possesses the Star of Heroes (HEROSTAR), has less than 100 characters in their army and the Opinion Leader has at least 70 Alignment, she will offer to join the rebellion.
  • Search north of Baldella with the Brunhild to find a Chaos Gate to Muspelm. The player simply has to own Brunhild, it does not need to be equipped by the unit searching, or placed in the inventory beforehand. This can also be done after the stage is completed.

Events After StageEdit

  • Revisit Ohbia to receive the Box of Salvation (BOX).
  • Revisit Mogand with the Moon Rose (MOONROSE) to receive one of three different monetary offers for it:
  • 50,000 Goth
  • 80,000 Goth
  • 100,000 Goth (slight loss of reputation)

Neutral EncountersEdit

Class Houndicon Cerberos
Level 14
Found Mountain2 Mountain
Class Impicon Demon
Level 14
Found Mountain2 Mountain
Class Golemicon Iron Golem
Level 15
Found Sea2 Shallows

Buried TreasureEdit


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