The Order of Philaha (also known as Filaha Order in the SNES/PS version) is a religious order in Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together. The chief religion of Valeria, they are an autonomous organization that holds considerable political power and support in the kingdom, and as a result they become involved (directly or indirectly) in the Heim Conflict. They worship the Great Father Philaha, his elemental daughters and his heavenly servants.

A long time ago they built the Six Ancient Temples of Philaha dedicated to the elemental daughters. Brigantys Castle is their stronghold during the time of the Heim Conflict.

The Order's focus on politics became a controversial matter amongst the clergy, some of which feared the order would shift into politics instead of faith. Following the ousting of Archiereus Mreuva and the ascention of Bishop Brantyn, many followers defected to the Bakram Kingdom or Valerian Liberation Front, or simply abandoned the faith; the most notable example are Mreuva's daughters, with the sole exception of Olivya.

During Chapter 4, the Order officially recognizes Versalia Oberyth (if she lives) or Denam Morne (if Versalia dies) as heir or Valeria. As King Dorgalua was a devout of the Order, and they have the support of the peasant and noble castes, Versalia becomes easily accepted as ruler, though Denam may need to put some effort on his public reputation...

At the end of the Heim Conflict, with the death of Bishop Brantyn and return of Mreuva Phoraena, it's likely that the former Archiereus had retaken his position as leader of the faith.

The Order is directly based off Christianity, from their monotheistic faith in a "Father God" and heavenly servants (angels), to hierarchy and respective titles, and costumes and habits. The hierarchy used in the PSP version is instead based on that of the Eastern Orthodox Church.

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