He is a non-playable character in Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together.

Warren Report ExertEdit

A Galgastani who served his clan in battle. He was the son of renowned architect Selba Brondel. Selba created many famed buildings, such as Heilingham Palace, also known as the Hanging Gardens. Orba taught at the Coritanae Academy of Arts while painting numerous works in his spare time. One of these, named "Opalescent Clouds," was presented to the late King Dorgalua, and now hangs in Heim Castle. Orba was a major proponent of the nationalism espoused by Heirophant Balbatos, and he Volunteered to take up arms soon after war broke out. He encountered Resistance forces at Tynemouth while en route to Almorica, and was sain by Denam Pavel. His twin brother Garba also died battling Denam.

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