The Opinion Leader is the Lord and player controlled character in Ogre Battle: The March of the Black Queen. While the player is given the option of naming and deciding on a gender for the Opinion Leader, it is revealed in Ogre Battle 64: Person of Lordly Caliber that the Opinion Leader's name is Destin Faroda, and that he is male.

Tarot AnswersEdit

At the beginning of the game the player is asked six randomly determined Tarot related questions. How the player answers them determines which Opinion Leader type the main character can become. Once his or her type is determined, it is permanent and cannot be changed during the course of the game. These are the answers needed to acquire any particular Lord:

High Alignment (Ice Cloud Lord) High Neutral Alignment (Sonic Strike Lord)
Fool A Fool B
Magician C Magician B
Priestess C Priestess A
Empress B Empress B
Emperor C Emperor A
Hierophant A Hierophant B
Lovers B Lovers B
Chariot B Chariot C
Strength A Strength B
Hermit C Hermit B
Fortune C Fortune A
Justice A Justice B
Hanged Man C Hanged Man B
Death A Death C
Temperance A Temperance A
Devil C Devil B
Tower C Tower B
Star A Star B
Moon B Moon C
Sun C Sun B
Judgment C Judgment C
World B World B

Low Neutral Alignment (Thunder Flare Lord) Low Alignment (Phantom Lord)
Fool C Fool A
Magician B Magician A
Priestess B Priestess B
Empress C Empress C
Emperor B Emperor A
Hierophant B Hierophant B
Lovers C Lovers C
Chariot C Chariot A
Strength C Strength C
Hermit A Hermit A
Fortune B Fortune B
Justice B Justice A
Hanged Man B Hanged Man A
Death B Death C
Temperance C Temperance B
Devil A Devil A
Tower B Tower A
Star C Star C
Moon A Moon A
Sun A Sun A
Judgment B Judgment B
World A World C

Starting Army ClassesEdit

Depending on which Lord the player acquires, they will have access to different classes in their starting unit. The following are which classes will accompany the Lord at the beginning of the game, depending upon the type:

High Alignment LordEdit

High Neutral Alignment LordEdit

Low Neutral Alignment LordEdit

Low Alignment LordEdit

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