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Sprite(s) Omicron1 Omicron2
Gender Male
Race Human
Nationality Horai
Class Sorcerer
Faction(s) Sacred Xytegenian Empire
Alignment Chaotic Chaotic
"You have great soldiers. I could use them for my next experiment."
— Omicron

Omicron is the governor of Antalia in Ogre Battle: The March of the Black Queen. He is a necromancer that creates an army of the dead.


Corruption in the Church

Omicron was a former Horai bishop before he was made governor of Antalia. He attempted to master a forbidden seance spell but was accused by the Horai Kingdom for dabbling in black magic and was sentenced to death. It was Rashidi who saved his life and gave him governance of Antalia to complete his seance spell. The army of the dead was the end result of the spell and was used during the great war against the four kingdoms.

Army of the Dead

The powerful soldiers of the rebellion greatly interested Omicron and he advised them not to damage their bodies because then he couldn't use them for his next experiment. However, the rebels destroyed the entirety of his undead army and put an end to the necromancer in Kander Hall.

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