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Ogres are denizens of the underworld, with powers rivaling that of the gods, and namesake of the Ogre Battle. They are directly served by demons and other followers of the dark.

Ogres are feared due to their sheer power, cruelty and devotion to the dark arts. Ogres prey on humans, sometimes offering a pact in exchange for power, that always results in the corruption of the human and their original wish.

Ages ago, they attempted to conquer the realm of humans in what came to be known as the Ogre Battle, led by the dark god Diablo and his many generals. Thanks to the forces of Heaven and the Three Knights the ogres were repelled and banished to the netherworld, along with the humans who allied with them.

Despite being imprisoned, they are still able to break free should someone summon them or form a pact under the right circumstances.

Some known ogres are Diablo, also known as the God of Destruction, Ashmedai, the elemental god of darkness, and Danika, the corrupted daughter of the godess Berthe. Humans corrupted by ogres range from members of royalty such as Empress Endora, Prince Gares, King Dorgalua and Prince Yumil, legendary sages such as Rashidi, to lesser known blood such as Godeslas Branic.


  • Unlike the typical portrayal of ogres in fantasy fiction, here the term is used with the same connotations as 'demon'.
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