Nybeth Obdilord
Sprite(s) Nybbas1Nybbas2
Gender Male
Age 50
Race Human
Nationality Galgastan
Class Necromancer
Faction(s) Independent
Alignment Chaotic
Element Earth

Nybeth Obdilord is a non-playable character in Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together.

A Galgastani necromancer who served the Kingdom of Galgastan. Husband to Cassandra and father of Cressida and Moldova. His primary goal was to discover a means of immortality, and while he found support in Galgastan for his research, he did not seem particularly interested in matters of politics or morality.


Nybeth continually attempted to refine his methods, although he met with little success. During the Chaos route, after the deaths of Cassandra and Moldova at the hands of Denam, he attempted to revive not only his wife and daughter, but also a number of other notables, including Sir Hektor and Vyce. None of his work was an unqualified success--he complained that he could either revive the spirit or restore the body, but had not managed both for the same person. His subjects became mindless zombies; only at their moment of destruction did they regain their sanity, if only for a moment.

His remaining daughter, Cressida, would later forsake him and join Denam's forces as a result of his use of his family as subjects.

Palace of the DeadEdit

Denam chases Nybeth into the Palace of the Dead and encounters him several times. After Denam delivers a mortal wound, Nybeth uses a Ring of the Dead to transform himself into a lich and continue further into the Palace.

At the Altar of the Beyond, he encounters Denam one last time. He claims that he has discovered the purpose of the Palace, hinting perhaps at the Gate within, and loses the battle. As he falls, he claims that he is becoming immortal--"One with the Dark."

Beelzebuth claims that her thirst for knowledge is matched only by two people: Denam, and Nybeth.

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