Nichart Briffaut
Sprite(s) Nichart1 Nichart2
Gender Male
Race Human
Nationality Ovis
Class Esquire
Faction(s) The White Fang Troops
Alignment Lawful Lawful
Element Water Water
"Remember, I’m Nichart Briffaut, the leader of the White Fang Troops."
— Nichart Briffaut

Nichart Briffaut is a knight of Rananculus in Tactics Ogre: The Knight of Lodis.


Nichart was a soldier of Rananculus until he was promoted to head knight upon the death of William Batraal, when the previous head knight, Naris Batraal, was made duke of Ovis.

Seeking the legendary spear Longicolnis, Duke Naris ordered Nichart along with Lethe to ascertain the meaning of the Order of the Sacred Flame's mission on Ovis.

Nichart excavated the ruins of Formido Fortress looking for clues of the spear's whereabouts while waiting for the inevitable attack of the Lodis forces. When the order arrived he retreated within and sacrificed his White Fang Troops on the walls. Inside the ruins he ambushed and captured Alphonse Loeher.

With the aid of Lethe, he tortured Alphonse, even going as far as using a truth potion but was unable to discover the order's true motives because the young knight was unaware of them.

Safely back within Ostorea Castle, Nichart shared his mistrust of the sorcerers Lethe and Cirvante with his lord Naris, and equal displeasure at having to cooperate with Rictor Lasanti, the leader of the Order of the Sacred Flame's forces on Ovis.

At Sotavento, Nichart met again with Alphonse. Alphonse defeated him in battle swiftly and Nichart tempted him to travel to Ostorea to learn the entirety of the truth behind the conflict.

Alphonse successfully reached the gates of Ostorea and the two knights battled again for the last time. Refusing the aid of the sorcerers, Nichart wished to redeem himself against the upstart. However, his pride as a warrior was his undoing and he was killed.

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