The New Walister Alliance (also known as Neo Walsta Liberation Ally in the SNES/PS version) is an organization founded by Vyce Bozeck after his defection from the Walister Resistance following the massacre of Balmamusa. This faction is exclusive to the Lawful storyline, appearing early during Chapter 2.

Despite the fact that Balmamusa was sacrificed to unify the Walister, it instead caused a rift among troops of the Walister Resistance and the Walister people. The disillutioned populace turned their support to the New Walister Resistance and their ideals of self governance without the interference of nobility, Duke Ronwey and Hierophant Balbatos in particular.

After Leonar's death and Denam becoming leader of the Resistance, Vyce and the New Walister Alliance negotiated a "cease fire" just as the Bakram move in to occupy Rhime. Vyce fabricates a plan to capture Coritanae Keep, luring the main Galgastani forces to a feint in Psonji Weald using himself as bait.

After suffering severe losses, Vyce is defeated and captured at Psonji, but his plan is a success, as soon he and his captor Xaebos receive news of Coritanae's fall to the Resistance. Xaebos makes a last stand in the ocuppied Almorica Castle, and is slain in combat by Denam.

After reuniting with the Xenobian exiles, Vyce and the New Walister Alliance join Denam and the Resistance.

Notable Members Edit

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