Naris Batraal
Sprite(s) Naris1 Naris2
Gender Male
Race Human
Nationality Ovis
Class General
Faction(s) The White Fang Troops
Alignment Lawful Lawful
Element Fire Fire
"Compassion alone is not enough, especially when you're a leader. "
— Naris Batraal

Naris Batraal is the lord of Rananculus in Tactics Ogre: The Knight of Lodis.


Naris Batraal was the brother of William Batraal and uncle to Malicia and Ivanna. Proficient with the sword and pen, he quickly rose through the ranks of Rananculus, eventually becoming the head knight of the White Fang Troops. Displeased with his brother's surrender to Lodis, Naris plotted to murder William and succeeded after The Reformation by poisoning him. Because of William's poor health, Naris successfully tricked the populace and the Batraal family into thinking it was merely a heart attack.

Not one to turn down an opportunity of gaining more power, Naris learned of the magical spear Longicolnis from the mysterious twins Lethe and Cirvante, who he ordered to accrue more information for him on the spear's whereabouts. Around this time, Naris gained knowledge of the Order of the Sacred Flame being sent to the island, so he sent Nichart Briffaut and Lethe to capture and interrogate the soldiers of Lodis until one revealed their true motive for being on Ovis.

Rictor Lasanti, leader of the order's forces on the island, asked for an audience with Lord Naris and was granted one. Together they formed a truce, both aware that the other was searching for the spear.

Naris was given false information that Alphonse Loeher had acquired the spear and so awaited the knight within Ostorea, the seat of power for the Batraal family. During the siege of Ostorea by Alphonse Loeher and his forces Naris readied a defense but was unable to stop the young knight from entering the castle.

Inside the walls Naris learned that the spear Alphonse carried was nothing more than an ordinary iron spear, not the legendary Longicolnis. It was also revealed that Malicia had been possessed by the fallen angel Shaher and Naris pledged allegiance to him. Taking the spear, Naris left immediately for the Angel's Headstone, the resting place of Shaher, abandoning his lordship of Ostorea for the time being.

At Charadrius he freely admitted poisoning William who he thought of as a weak and ineffectual leader. Alphonse Loeher killed Naris shortly after his confession and took the spear from his body.

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