Mari Callan
Sprite(s) Mari1a
Gender Female
Age 17
Birth Date 3rd of Gemeo,
Palatinean Year 234
Race Human

Mari Callan is a non-playable character in Ogre Battle 64: Person of Lordly Caliber. Given to Prince Yumil Dulmare by his half-brother Baldwin Glendale, she is intended as a concubine. Despite this, Yumil refuses to objectify her, developing an intimate relationship with her. Her bond with Yumil ultimately becomes her weakness, as she forms a pact with the witch Zeda Libeiro to preserve Yumil's life. The witch grants Mari with intense and dark magical powers that empower her to protect her lover, at the bequest that she carry a demon within her womb. After Danika is slain, Mari stabs herself to death and subsequently gives birth.

Based on her dialogue with Zeda, it implied that she is Rashidi's daughter and her child is actually his reincarnation.

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