Malicia Batraal
Sprite(s) Malicia1 Malicia2
Gender Female
Race Human
Nationality Ovis
"So, aren't you and my uncle searching for something called the Sacred Spear? Have you had any luck?"
— Malicia Batraal

Malicia Batraal is a member of the illustrious Batraal family in Tactics Ogre: The Knight of Lodis.


Malicia is the daughter of William Batraal and sister to Ivanna Batraal. During her childhood she met Rictor Lasanti, the heir to the duchy of Felis. Together they unknowingly found the spear Longicolnis, the sacred horn of the fallen angel Shaher on a deserted beach near Sotavento. Rictor kept it as a treasure until he dropped it into the Batraal family catacombs.

Years later, when her father was poisoned by her uncle Naris Batraal, she left her home in Ostorea and lived in a villa with her mother.

Often plagued with illness, like her father, she succumbed to one sometime after and passed away.

When the forces of the Order of the Sacred Flame arrived on Ovis, Malicia's body was possessed by Shaher and used to manipulate the actions of Rictor Lasanti. With careful prodding, the fallen angel shed light on the forgotten memories of Rictor and discovered the location of the spear was within the catacombs.

A former member of the Order of the Sacred Flame, Alphonse Loeher, defeated the possessed body of Malicia and put her spirit to rest once and for all.

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