Lutra Islands - First Landing

"Islands between Galicia and Felis. Seasonally stormy."
— Map description

Lutra is the first story battle location in Tactics Ogre: The Knight of Lodis. A small collection of islands at the southern extreme of Ovis.

There are no shops in this location.

Battles Edit

Story Battle #1, Tutorial Edit

Enemies HP Spoils
Lv.1 Soldier (M) 130 Leather Hat
Lv.1 Soldier (F) 130 Healing Leaf
Lv.1 Soldier (M) 130 Cup of Life
Lv.3 Stan (Bandit) (M) 151 Francisca
Guests HP
Lv.3 Rictor Lasanti (M) 173
Lv.2 Orson Lamies (M) 116
Lv.2 Justin (M) 140
Lv.2 Lara (F) 139
  • Difficulty: 1/10.
  • Map width: 13x11.
  • Goth: N/A.
  • Victory condition: Defeat Leader.

This battle is virtually impossible to lose, so players should stay calm, pay attention to the instructions, and learn the basic controls for the game. All guests will target the enemy leader (Bandit) if he's in range, while Rictor keeps casting Lightning Bow and Heal whenever neccesary, thus the battle itself mostly plays automatically. If Alphonse doesn't have the Embodiment of Desires emblem, players are adviced to start making progress in it by picking any war tropies from fallen enemies; if the battle ends before picking the loot, it will be be received in the results screen.

Don't bother trying to unearth buried treasure, as there is none in this battle. Buried treasure will only spawn in random battles during future visits.

After this battle and some cutscenes Ivanna Batraal will join you as a guest.

Random Battle Edit

Players will notice this is not the same map as the one in the tutorial battle. Buried treasure can be unearthed here now; of particular note is the Glass Pumpkin, a great (though slowing) accessory and neccesary to obtain the Firecrest (see Secret Shop). Enemies are still pretty straightforward, but just in case have a Cleric or Knight with Heal in your team and watch out for Archers and Hawkmen. Other than that, there's not much of note here.

Buried Treasure Edit

Treasure X/Y Burn Tile?
Random 14, 05 No
Random 07, 07 No
Random 02, 01 No
Glass Pumpkin 14, 10 No

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