Sprite(s) Lubina1 Lubina2
Gender Female
Race Fairy
Nationality Ovis
Class Fairy
Faction(s) Alphonse's Battalion
Alignment Neutral Neutral
Element Water Water
"That's not fair! I'm coming too!"
— Lubina

Lubina is the mischievous sister of Glycinia in Tactics Ogre: The Knight of Lodis.


Out of boredom, Lubina ran away from her village and the safety of the forest she grew up in, in search of adventure and excitement.

Somehow she got caught up with a group of gremlins in which she disguised herself as one also.

At Gracula, she was reunited with her sister Glycinia who had been searching for her since her departure from their forest home. Glycinia smelled through her disguise and made her take it off.

Initially Glycinia wanted Lubina to go back to their forest home but Lubina reminded her sister how boring it was there and refused. Not wanting to go back alone, Glycinia asked if she and her sister could join Alphonse Loeher on his journey instead, and he agreed.

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