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The Longicolnis is a legendary weapon in Tactics Ogre: The Knight of Lodis.


The Longicolnis, also known as the Black Fragment, was forged by God using Shaher's black horn as its material.

It was used by the mermaids during the Ovis Mermaid War to gain the upper hand against humans, but one mermaid, Berevra, fell in love with the human Lucius Batraal, and fearing for his life she took the spear and fled with him. Without the sacred spear the mermaids lost the war, and were forced to hide in the seas of Rana. Berevra lived with Lucius until his death, and remained hidden near Aquila for the next centuries. The Longicolnis was hidden in a shrine by the sea.

Unbeknown to Berevra, Lucius had descendants with a human woman, and passed the secret of the Longicolnis to them.

After the Reformation, the Duke of Felis and his son visited Ostorea. At some point William Batraal, then ruler of Rananculus, revealed the existance of the Longicolnis to the Duke.


Name Longicolnis Icon KOL Longicolnis Icon.png
Stats PWR +74 Move +0.0
Resistances VIRT RES +5, BANE RES +5 Effect None
Description Two-handed piercing weapon (Virtue). Black spear created from the horn of the fallen angel. It can pierce the skin of the Sacred Demon Found Clear Charadrius (Path A/B)