Leundar Balbatos
Sprite(s) Barbatos1 Barbatos2
Gender Male
Age 43
Birthplace Coritanae
Race Human
Nationality Galgastan
Faction(s) Kingdom of Galgastan
Alignment Chaotic
Element Fire

Leundar Balbatos, also known as Hierophant Balbatos, is a non-playable character in Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together.


Former leader of the Kingdom of Galgastan. After war broke out, he established a realm ruled by the descendant of Count Orlandeau, a former lord of Coritanae. He installed himself as regent under the pretense of guiding the young lord. He started the blood war to suppress the Walister and take the southern half of Valeria for his own. Within a few months, he crushed the Walister forces and captured their leader, duke Juda Ronwey. Even fellow Galgastani voiced concern at his high-handed policies, and some even rose against him. This internal strife paved the way for the Walister Resistance to invade Galgastan. On the Chaotic route, he is executed by Juda Ronwey, and on the Lawful route, he takes his own life when Denam, who assauted the keep, tells him that there's no option other than surrender.

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