The Knights of Almorica is a knightly order in Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together.

Duke Ronwey's personal troops, they are named after both the region governed by the Walister and the castle that serves as their stronghold. They are led by Leonar Reci Rimon at the start of the story.

Many members of the Knights of Almorica are also members of the Resistance. For this reason Sir Leonar has been tasked to lead both the Knights and the Resistance as the Duke's right hand. This is also how a number of the Knights came to join Denam's Order.

It can be speculated that following the massacre of Balmamusa, some members of the Knights defected in disgust, as many members of the Resistance did; if anything, Dame Ravness did defect, and Knights who joined Denam's side do nothing to protest should he defect as well.

With the death of Sir Leonar, their status is unknown. It's possible that the order was absorbed into the Resistance or they simply dissolved after both their liege's and captain's death.

Notable Members Edit

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