The Indigans are one of the human races of Palatinus, historically a nomadic tribe of hunters and warriors.  Their name comes from the color of their hair and eyes, which range from black to deep blue and indigo.


The Indigans came to Palatinus from the west, and fought with the agrarian Aurics for control of the vast, fertile plain known as the Heartlands.  Experienced from battles against other tribes, the Indigans easily won and drove the defeated Aurics from the land.

A few years later, however, a hero named Virago arose among the Aurics, who came to be known as the Progenitor.  With god-given power, the Progenitor sent frigid winds and the fury of the earth against the Indigans.  The Indigans fought back, but suffered heavy casualties and were forced to surrender.  They gave up possession of the Heartlands and agreed to the rule of the Progenitor, becoming citizens of the new Kingdom of Palatinus.


In the old days, the Indigan warriors braided their hair for superstitious reasons.  In recent years the youth, frustrated by society, have revived this custom as a means of self-expression.

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