The kingdom of Hyland was ruled by Queen Endora and her son Prince Gares. Composing much of northern Xyteginea, Hyland is named after the expansive highlands that makeup its land.

On a day twenty five year before the Xenobian Rebellion, the Queen of Hyland was warned that the Holy Lodissian Empire was planning to conquer all the lands of Xyteginea. While Hyland was a powerful military nation, Endora had enough foresight to see that a fractured Xytegenian continent could not repel Lodis. She pleaded to the other four kingdoms of Ofays, Horai, Charlom and Xenobia to unite and crush the invaders. but Endora's pleas of union fell on deaf ears. The four kingdoms used her weakness as an opportunity to invade Hyland, a war in which they would all taste defeat.

When she had conquered all the lands of Xytegenia with the help of Rashidi, Endora formed the Sacred Xytegenian Empire, and so the kingdom of Hyland ceased to be.

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