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The Holy Lodis Empire is a nation located in northwestern Galicia, that exists solely to practice the dogma of Lodisism.


The Holy Lodis Empire is led by High Priest Sardian (sometimes known as the Pope), who seized power from the former king through a coup d'état, and by a Senate, of which most details remains unknown.  There seems to be an ongoing power struggle between the two.

Knightly Orders[]

Sardian's personal order is the Dark Knights Loslorien, who serve as his eyes and ears, and as a private army when he feels the need. The Holy Lodissian Empire is said to be composed of 16 Death Templars (Lanselot Tartaros' rank), so there are assumed to be 15 other such orders within the Empire.

The Caliginous Order is another knightly order within the Empire.  They rose from humble beginnings to lead the Brigade of the Radiant Cross, but later lost their prestige following Sardian's coup.

Social Structure[]

Traditionally, the social structure of Lodis was such that the people were ranked according to their skills, regardless of race or class.  But Lodis adopted a system of hereditary elitism by the general sentiment of the upper-class, which has continued to this day.

One of the demands placed by conquering Lodissian armies is that subjugated nations adopt this class system.  The nobles and merchants who qualify as upper class are given titles in Lodis, regardless of their kingdom of origin.